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Impact Wrestling To Debut New Retrospective TNA Show

Impact Wrestling hit a nugget of gold when they tapped into fan interest of TNA’s past. The original plan was to celebrate TNA legends with a special TNA: There’s No Place Like Home live event during Wrestlemania week. That show had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Luckily for TNA, they had already filmed a TNA special for television to hype that event. That show is rumored to have done well in ratings. Since then, Impact has gone full steam ahead tying TNA into their current product.

Moose dug up the TNA Heavyweight Championship and proclaimed himself as its rightful owner. He’s even had two success title defenses against Suicide. Another name brought back from the past is Hernandez. He is currently in the semifinals of the Impact World Championship #1 contender tournament.

Now, Impact has announced a new TV program to highlight TNA’s past.


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