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IMPACT Wrestling Under Siege Results (05/26/2023)

Updated: May 27, 2023

Pre-Show: The Death Dollz vs. The Coven (non-title)

Wilde and Rush start with a lock up. Wilde targets Rush’s arm until Rush breaks free and hits arm drags. King comes in and takes Rush down, which leads to Jessicka coming in. King chops her chest and Jessicka fires back. They trade shots until Jessicka unloads with punches and an elbow. Death Dollz double team The Coven, which leads to Wilde accidentally landing on King in the corner. King places Rush in the Coven’s corner as Wilde tags in and chops. The Coven double team Rush for a bit. Jessicka and King get the tags as Jessicka takes control. Rush returns but then gets kicked in the back by Wilde. Jessicka prevents King from double teaming. Rush breaks free and applies the sharpshooter on Wilde for the submission win.

Winners: The Death Dollz

Pre-Show – Digital Media Championship: Joe Hendry (c) vs. Dirty Dango

Dango walks around the ring during the first minute to play mind games. Once the match officially starts, Hendry stays on top of his challenger with slams and a corner chops. Hendry hoists him up for a stalling suplex, cover. Dango comes back with his own suplex and cover. Dango targets the injured left shoulder but Hendry firemen carries his way out. Dango drives his knee into Hendry’s shoulder and then continues to twist the arm. Hendry counters with a cutter. Hendry fires back with uppercuts and chops and back elbows. Hendry hits a fallaway slam and kips up. Dango low blows Hendry right in front of the ref for the DQ.

Winner: Joe Hendry (c) by DQ

Post-match, Dango continues to beat down Hendry until Santino comes out. He runs to the ring as Dango retreats. Santino checks on Hendry.

Nick Aldis vs. Kenny King

Aldis and King start with a lock up as Aldis gets backed into the corner. King gets shoved back before they lock up again. Aldis catches King and then hits a suplex. King slips out of the ring and regroups with Sheldon Jean. King drop toe holds Aldis into the ring steps. Back inside, King suplexes and punches away at him. King kicks Aldis in the shoulder, cover. King applies a stretch on the mat. Aldis gets to his feet but then gets knocked down to the outside. King leaps out and knocks Aldis down again.

King stomps on Aldis once he returns to the ring He tries a legdrop, but Alds rolls away. Aldis hits a pumphandle fallaway for a cover. King chases Aldis up top. King is pushed off but then comes back with an enziguri to knock Aldis down. Back to their feet, they throw punches. King catches him with a powerslam for a nearfall. Aldis manages to hit a sitout michinoku driver to turn the tide. Aldis goes up top and lands a huge elbow drop. Sheldon gets on the apron to distract the ref. Aldis blasts Jean off the apron. King tries to cover with his feet on the ropes. King hits a spinebuster for another nearfall. Aldis traps King in a cloverleaf for the win.

Winner: Nick Aldis

As Aldis exits, Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovich are seen brawling all over the arena. They scrap into the crowd after falling off a platform. Kelly is dumped into the ringside area. In the ring, Kelly turns it around by choking Masha with a chain. Officials run in to break it up. Kelly stands tall with a chain as security exits.

Gia Miller interviews Jordynne Grace backstage. Grace says she was champ at the beginning of the year and was ready to carry the company on her back. Then she lost to Mickie and later Deonna. There’s a lot on the line tonight. Grace questions who she is if she isn’t the best.

The Design vs. Sami Callihan, Rich Swann & Jake Crist

Crist and Angels start as Crist unloads with punches and then hits a dropkick. Sami tags in to double team Angels for a beat. All six men enter the ring for a staredown. Angels strikes Callihan as the action breaks down and around the ring. Angels torpedoes out until Sami. Kon swipes Swann out of the air before Crist moonsaults onto Kon. Callihan then powerbombed Angels onto a pile of men. Back inside, Kon manages to handle all three men before singling Crist out. Deaner and Angels trade tags to work Crist.

Crist takes Angels down to get some space as Crist is cut open. Callihan takes Angels down with clotheslines. Sami summons Deaner to enter the ring. Deaner steps to him as they trade blows. Angels and Crist break it up as OVE drop Deaner and Angels with a double DVD. Kon double chokeslams Crist and Sami. Angels spinkicks Sami. Angels lands a big frog splash for a nearfall. Sami escaes Kon and tags Swann. Swann kicks all of The Design and hits a double cutter on Kon and Deaner. Angels gets kicked by Crist and then suplexed. Deaner plants Crist before Callihan hits him with a Cactus Driver 97. Angels thwarts the pin. Swann gets turned inside out by Angels. Swann comes back and rolls Angels up for the win.

Winners: Rich Swann, Sami Callihan & Jake Crist

Santino Marella tells Gia that he’s not going to be impartial when it comes to Dango. He says he’s going to punch his lights out.

Trinity vs. Gisele Shaw

Shaw badmouths Trinity to her face and then tries for a slap. Trin rubs her booty in Shaw’s face in the corner and then lands a legdrop, cover. Shaw recovers on the outside with Evans and Vidal. Shaw comes back in and takes Trinity down to the mat. Trinity flips Shaw across the ring as Shaw rolls out again. Evans moves Shaw out of the way as Trinity tries a sliding dropkick. Trinity pops up over Evans then tackles Shaw on the floor. Jai distracts the ref as Evans yanks Trinity off the apron.

Shaw runs Trinity into the ring back-first. Back inside, Shaw covers for two. Shaw controls the pace with a headlock to try and keep Trinity grounded. Shaw elbows away in the corner and then stomps on her midsection, cover. Shaw gets distracted by the fans before Trinity catches Shaw’s boot and hits a backbreaker. Trinity unloads with forearm strikes in the center, followed by a dropkick. Trinity knees Shaw’s face and then spikes her into the mat, nearfall. Trinity hits a split legged moonsault, cover.

Shaw hides in the corner and then gets a cheap shot behind the ref’s back. Trinity is thrown into the turnbuckle then kicked in the head. Shaw hits a draping DDT, nearfall. Trinity hits a modified code red and applies Starstruck for the win.

Winner: Trinity

Gia interviews Subculture as Brian Myers and The Good Hands interrupt. Myers tells them to slow their roll. Dani Luna interjects and says Subculture’s first defense will be against them.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: ABC (c) vs. Subculture

Ace and Andrews start with grappling. Andrews applies a headlock but then gets his left arm twisted. Bey gets the tag as Ace assists him for a beat. Bey uppercuts and covers. Webster comes in as Subculture double teams with flips. Webster keeps Bey in their corner for more tags. Webster leaps out on Bey and sends him back in for a German from Andrews. ABC double teamed Webster with a click click boom combo. Ace keeps Webster grounded with a headlock.

Ace tags out and Bey takes Andrews down before kicking Webster in the face. Bey flips out onto Webster before Ace spikes Webster into the canvas for a cover. ABC tag in and out to work Webster until he slips through and tags Andrews. Andrews withstands the double team with a double pelee and then double knees in opposite corners. Andrews lands a double DDT on the champs. Andrews moonsaults out onto Bey. Andrews connects with Code Red on Ace for a nearfall.

Webster tags in as Subculture plants Ace for a cover. Andrews back in quickly as he goes up. Ace kicks Webster off and Andrews leaps down only to get hit with a missile dropkick. Webster and Bey meet in the middle as Ace helps Bey. Cover but Andrews breaks the nearfall. Andrews gets punched out of the ring. ABC get thrown out by Webster, who then goes up top and dives out onto them. Subculture nearly puts away Bey, but Ace breaks it.

Andrews hits Bey with Stundog. Webster sentons on Bey, nearfall again. Ace saves Bey but then Webster accidentally knees Andrews. Bey hits a double poison rana on Subculture. Ace is legal as Bey hits AOF, Ace hits The Fold. Ace pins for the win.

Winners: ABC (c)

X-Division Championship: Trey Miguel (c) vs. Chris Sabin

Trey ducks out of the ring to start. He eventually returns and locks up with Sabin. They trade wrist locks as Trey maintains it despite Sabin trying to work his way out. Sabin finally arm drags out as Trey rolls to the outside again. Trey returns and kicks Sabin. They run around each other for a moment before he slides out again. This time, Sabin goes to the apron and kicks him. Sabin places Trey upside down in the corner and delivers a hesitation dropkick. Trey trips Sabin on the apron and kicks him in the head.

Sabin is dropped back first on the apron before Trey rolls back in with a senton and knee drop, cover. Sabin gets locked in a guillotine choke in the middle of the ring. He reaches the bottom rope to break. Trey applies a headlock to keep him grounded. Sabin manages to hit a DDT to buy recovery time. Sabin unloads with punches and then hits a a missile dropkick and Helluva kick. Trey gets dropped with another DDT, cover. Sabin lands a big German suplex as Trey’s arms were trapped.

Trey rolls through an attempted cradle shock and stomps on Sabin’s gut. Trey uppercuts but then Sabin chases him with a clothesline. Trey responds with a dropkick and then brainbuster, cover. Trey goes up top but Sabin evades and dropkicks his left knee. Sabin drives the knees into the canvas twice. Trey kicks him off and rolls him up. Sabin dragonscrews before applying the sharpshooter. Trey reaches the rope. Trey trips Sabin on the apron. Trey goes up top but Sabin follows.

Trey bell claps him and tries a powerbomb but pivots to a kick. Meteora connects, two. Trey hits a tornado DDT on the floor. He goes up top but Sabin dodges another meteroa. Sabin kicks, Trey chops. They break down with traded chops until Trey springs up with a dropkick. Sabin hits Canadian Destroyer and then a clotheline from hell. Trey rakes the eyes to avoid cradle shock. Sabin accidentally lifts the ref for a moment. Trey dropkicks Sabin into the ref. Sabin hits Cradle Shock, but the ref is still down. Trey rolls out and grabs spray paint. Sabin gets sprayed. Trey rolls Sabin up for the win.

Winner: Trey Miguel (c)

Six-Way #1 Contender’s Match: Moose vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Yuya Uemura vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Alex Shelley vs. Frankie Kazarian

The winner gets a World title shot at Against All Odds on June 9.

Kazarian and Edwards went right at it with punches. Moose wipes Yuya out on the apron. Gresham and Shelley tangle up in the middle with technical work. They break as Moose comes in and he gets his left knee dropkicked by both men. It comes down to Shelley and Gresham again with quick offense. Edwards and Yuya get dragonscrewed by Shelley. Kaz punches Shelley but then Shelley tries locking up both Kaz and Yuya in a Boston crab. Moose runs Shelley into the apron, then Eddie dives onto Moose.

Yuya is hip tossed by Gresham and Kaz. Then Gresham works Kaz with a dropkick before Eddie intervenes. Eddie chops Shelley and stands tall for a beat. Gresham and Eddie work for a moment before Gresham gets dropped. Kaz clotheslines Eddie, then legdrops Moose. Kaz legdrops Eddie as well. Eddie gets hit with an unprettier by Kaz, but Shelley breaks the cover. Shelley chops away at Kaz. Gresham, Kaz, and Shelley are in the ring together as Kaz backstabbers Shelley.

Yuya returns and chops away with Kaz. Yuya runs into Gresham in the corner and places him up top. Shelley intervenes, followed by Kaz. Eddie tries a tower of doom, but Moose breaks it all up before it happens. Moose slams Eddie and then powerbombs Yuya. Kaz backslides Moose but is met with a powerbomb. Gresham counters Moose with a takedown. Moose holds on and slams Gresham with force, nearfall. Moose spears an empty corner when Yuya sidesteps. Yuya rushes Moose and back-elbows. Yuya underhooks Eddie over him and then bulldogs Moose, cover.

Shelley and Kaz meet again before Eddie gets suplexed in the midst of a bridging cover. Yuya escapes from Kaz and dumps him out. Gresham flips onto Yuya and dives onto Kaz. Kaz cutters Gresha, Yuya crossbodies. Eddie breaks up a chicken win, then Moose spears. Shelley superkicks Yuya and hits shell-shocked. Shelley pins Yuya.

Winner: Alex Shelley

Gia catches up with Trey about how he won his match. Sabin tries to attack Trey, but the champ escapes.

Last Chance Knockouts World Championship Match: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Jordynne Grace

Lock up, Grace pivots to the ropes to break a waistlock. Deonna locks up again and Grace goes to the apron. Deonna gets taken down as Grace unloads with punches. Deonna is sent to the apron but she knees Grace a couple times before hitting a neckbreaker. Deonna sentons onto the floor to wipe Grace out. Back inside, Grace blasts Deonna across the ring to take control again. Snap suplex connects. Grace clotheslines her in the corner until she ducks. Deonna gets tossed with another bridging German. Grace places her up top and slaps her.

Deonna avoids a muscle buster but then gets clotheslined out and both women fall. Back inside, they trade blows but Deonna cuts her short with a clothesline. Purrazzo hits a running knee and and legsweep. Fujiwara armbar locks in for a moment. Deonna flips Grace over, cover. Grace takes advantage of Deonna losing her footing and then hits a sit out powerbomb, cover. Purrazzo counters Grace with a piledriver for a cover. Grace flips Deonna off her back and then powerbombs her, Jackhammer follows, nearfall. Purrazzo hits Queen’s Gambit, but Grace kicks out.

Purrazzo goes for the armbar briefly. Grace drops Purrazzo with a reverse piledriver but takes a moment to crawl to the cover. They trade roll ups and try double clotheslines. They clock each other and both fall to the mat. They slap each other while rising up. Grace powerslams but then Deonna pops right back up. Another slam and right back up again. Deonna goes up top with Grace and manages to hit Queen’s Gambit. Purrazzo covers to retain.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo (c)

Grace leaves in tears while Deonna celebrates.

Victory Road is announced for September 8 in New York state. The next night, IMPACT will hold tapings for their 1000th episode.

No DQ IMPACT World Championship Match: Steve Maclin (c) vs. PCO

Maclin charges PCO out the gate. They spill to the outside where PCO is suplexed onto the ring steps. Back inside, Maclin whacks PCO with a cookie tray. Maclin dives to the outside and gets hit with the cookie tray. Maclin is gushing. PCO goes to staple him but Maclin low blows him. Maclin hits a chair shot to the back. Maclin throws a trash can and another chair into the ring. Maclin places the trash can in between the ropes but PCO accidentally knocks it off. Maclin strikes PCO with a chair again and then uses it for an elbow drop, cover.

Maclin hits caught in the crosshairs with a trashcan in a different corner. Maclin grabs the staple gun and staples PCO’s mouth shut. PCO gets up anyway and knocks Maclin down. He grabs pliers and rips the staples off his face. Back in the ring, Maclin places a concrete block on PCO and then smashes it with a sledge hammer. Maclin covers but only for a two count. PCO gets to his feet and punches away. DDT connects. Maclin goes up top and PCO hits a lungblower. PCO hits a legdrop from the second rope, cover.

PCO hits his signature senton but then gets whipped off the top onto the apron. Maclin finds more concrete blocks and throws them in the ring. PCO gets back up and lines the blocks up. Maclin is laid across the blocks as PCO goes up top. Maclin pops up and slams PCO onto the concrete. Maclin hits KFA onto the blocks for the win.

Winner: Steve Maclin (c)

Maclin calls out Scott D’Amore after. D’Amore stays true to his word and straps the world title around a bloodied Maclin. Scott offers his hand but Maclin leaves the ring. Maclin yells to him that he’s his boss. Behind D’Amore is Bully Ray. Bully chokes Scott with a belt. Bully tells Maclin to get a table. Maclin slides a table in as Bully helps him set it up. Rehwoldt gets in the ring and tries to stop them once Bully pulls out lighter fluid. Bully pours lighter fluid all over Matthew before PCO returns to the ring. Motor City Machine Guns try to make the save but they get cleared out too. Bully sprays the table with fluid as Maclin gets Scott up. Bully slams Scott through the burning table to close the show.


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