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Indy Pro Wrestling Celebrates 2 Years!

Today marks a very important day for Indy Pro Wrestling. Exactly 2 years ago (July 24, 2018) this website went live. This website was developed to focus on pro wrestling and to promote other wrestling content outside of the WWE franchise. Since day one we have strived to provide coverage of the latest breaking news as it becomes available. We provided major coverage on IMPACT Wrestling, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, AAA Lucha Libre, CMLL, & other various independent wrestling companies worldwide. Additionally, our website was one of the first to break the news on, All Elite Wrestling, which at the time was a new upstart promotion, which has revolutionized the wrestling industry.

Indy Pro Wrestling has been growing since it launched. In 4 short months, the website grow by 1,000 page views. Which is a slow start, but currently, we are proud to say that Indy Pro Wrestling has generated over 1 Million page views and continues to grow.

Indy Pro Wrestling is also proud to announce that we now officially own the website domain it's been a 2 year journey to try and secure the domain. The timing couldn't have been more perfect since we just acquired the rights to the domain on July 23, 2020 just one day shy of our 2 year anniversary. The website domain will still remain as we have created our brand around it. We just wanted to remain consistent across all platforms.

Indy Pro Wrestling would like to thank the following organizations and people for providing content and helping us grow as a brand:

IMPACT Wrestling, Ross Forman, AEW, MLW, AAW, William Alieca, Andre Corbiel, Hamin Media Group, Turnbuckle Talk, Ric Vickery, Michael Jargo, Brian BQ, Irene Astorga, & Ryan K Boman. A special thanks to Facebook Groups:

IMPACT! Wrestling Worldwide, IMPACT Fan Nation, AEW: ALL Elite Wrestling, & The BRAND Fan Group.

We look forward to continue working with these organizations and individuals. Continue to build this platform, and provide the best wrestling content and news.

Thank you!

Carlos Astorga, owner of Indy Pro Wrestling


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