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Is Don Callis Teasing Kenny Omega & Chris Jericho For Bound For Glory?

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Photo Credit Don Callis Twitter

Now this is just speculation from my end but is Don Callis teasing the debut of Kenny Omega & Chris Jericho or just Chris Jericho? For those who are not in the loop currently, there has been speculation that Chris Jericho will show up this Sunday (tomorrow) for IMPACT Wrestling's Bound For Glory but now, it seems like the pot has started to stir. Now just to make sure this is just a theory that I have put together maybe I'm looking too deep into this but this all started last night with a tweet posted by Don Callis as you can see below.

If you look carefully at this tweet there's two things that are quite obvious. The first being is that this is an old picture of Don Callis and Kenny Omega (look at the main picture for this post) This could simply mean that Don Callis did recently see and talk with Kenny Omega and he just simply posted this on twitter as its a picture that he has of the two of them. This is pretty normal of a thing to do but it can also have a secret meaning to this as well. This could also be a hint that Kenny Omega might show up at Bound For Glory as a way to do a favor to Don Callis as they have a great history together. Now before people start more speculation I did more research. Look at this tweet from Kenny Omega.

I don't know what #SEAM2018 is but after doing a quick google search it brought me to this. "Southeast Asia’s Premier Game Convention is back for its 5th edition on 13 & 14 October 2018!

Join us for a weekend of fun and games as we bring the latest games, esports, cosplay, retro gaming, tabletop gaming, indie games and much more, together in one place!"

It's no secret to those who are Kenny Omega fans that he is a video game fan. So him being at #SEAM2018 which is in Singapore may rule him out as a surprise for Bound For Glory. But in reality Kenny Omega was only scheduled to be there on October 13th from what I can tell based on my research. But we also need to consider this depending where you are reading this from like myself I live near Chicago Illinois. I have a 13 hour difference from Singapore. As of this writing it is currently 9:40 AM on October 13, 2018. Over in Singapore it's currently 10:40 PM. So there is enough time for Kenny Omega to catch a plane and land in LAX which is a 16 hour flight by the way and from there land in LaGuardia Airport in New York to make it in time for Bound For Glory now this is a huge stretch but never say never in the world of wrestling. Stranger things have happened.

Now onto the other thing that's quite obvious from Don Callis' tweet is that the photo he used was originally a photo that also included Chris Jericho in it. You can clearly see that Chris Jericho was Cropped out of this picture. Again suggesting that Chris Jericho will be at Bound For Glory but without saying he will be there. Which is a smart way to get more people to purchase the pay-per-view. I personally would love to see them both there at BFG. I definitely know there's more in store for BFG because they have only advertised 6 matches on the card when usually a 3 hour pay-per-view has 8 matches. That's usually 30 minutes per match which included complete entrances and video packages and the match itself.

Let me know who do you think will show up tomorrow at Bound For Glory?


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