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Jack Evans Admits He Didn't Do As Well As He Should Of In AEW, Talks ROH & More

Former AEW Star Jack Evans recently spoke with for an in-depth conversation about all things pro-wrestling. During the discussion, Evans opened up on his time in AEW and ROH, creating his catchphrase and much more. Here are the highlights:

Creating his catchphrase:

"I had joined the show Mat Rats and when they found out I could breakdance, they wanted to give me a Malibu’s Most Wanted gimmick. So I had that “yo yo yo wuzzup” thing going, but it was just so over the top and cheesy. So I tried to take the gimmick and still have it be funny but also cool. I was like “I just wanna be Smokey.” ROH wasn’t gonna let me come out with a blunt though, so I incorporated Smokey into my character with that catchphrase.

"What’s funny is a lot of younger fans think “And you know this, man!” is a Jack Evans quote because they haven’t seen Friday. And my girl actually loves Friday, even though she hates American comedies."

Best moments in Ring of Honor:

“Teaming with Generation Next was a really good time. But overall, it was just a fun locker room to hang out in. The thing is though, because it was ROH, there was a lot of pressure to put on a great show, or else Gabe wouldn’t be happy.

"Gabe was usually a nice guy but there were certain spots or angles that you could NOT mess up or he would spaz out. And when that would happen, he’d become the most intimidating person in the world. Especially if it was a Japanese fly-in where they spent a lot of money."

What keeps him going:

“Honestly, one of the things that has motivated me recently was my AEW stint. I didn’t do as well there as I could’ve, but nonetheless, I was grateful for the experience. I don’t know how likely it is that I’ll be back there, even though I would love to. It’s a very sought-after promotion that everyone’s trying to go to.”

Evans also went in-depth about his time in ROH, what he's been up to recently, and more. You can check out the complete interview at this link.


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