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Jade Cargill Retains The TBS Championship At Double Or Nothing

Cargill backs Jay into the corner. The challenger briefly gains the upper hand, but the champion slams her to the mat. Cargill suplexes Jay and clotheslines her. She rocks Jay with some strikes, but the challenger gains some momentum with a superplex. Cargill doesn’t go down when Jay hits a lariat. Cargill rolls to the outside, and Jay slams her into the steel steps. Kiera Hogan and Red Velvet try to attack Jay, but she drops both with a double DDT. Cargill rocks Jay with a boot, but Jay gets a two count with a roll-through. “Smart” Mark Sterling comes to the ring and slips Cargill his crutch. He distracts the referee, and Jay hits a Russian Legsweep with a crutch. John Silver runs to ringside and drops Sterling with a Brainbuster.

Cargill hits the Isle of the Storm for a two count. Jay locks in the Queenslayer, but Cargill powers her way out. Stokely Hathaway (Malcolm Bivens) walks down the ramp, distracting Jay and allowing Cargill to hit a super Jaded for the win.

Winner and still TBS Champion: Jade Cargill

Hathaway, Cargill, and The Baddies celebrate together. Kris Statlander saves Jay from a beatdown, and Athena (the former Ember Moon) makes her AEW debut by coming out to confront Cargill.


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