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Jay White Believes He Will Take NJPW To “New Heights”

Photo Credit Indy Pro Wrestling

“Switchblade” Jay White recently held a press conference giving everyone the first real opportunity to hear from him as NJPW’s new IWGP Heavyweight Champion. During the course of this event, he would have some harsh words for fans of New Japan Pro Wrestling, stating that “I’m not looking to be judged by anyone, I don’t care about your opinions. The fans talk as if I owe them something.”

The New Zealander would also address NJPW’s plans for further expansion into Western markets. White claimed that with him at the helm as IWGP Heavyweight Champion, New Japan’s global growth is guaranteed.

“Just having me at the helm, that’s going to make this company expand as it is. My image, me standing there with this belt is money in itself. I am the hottest asset in all of Pro-Wrestling and including [sneering] sports entertainment as well.”

He would continue, saying that “Having me as the front man, that’s going to help the company grow. I know certain people may not agree with that, especially fans because, hey, the fans know best don’t they? They think that me as the champion is not going to work? No, no, no, I know best so everybody else just shut up, sit back and do as you’re told and let me take this company to new heights.”

Jay White is scheduled to defend his newly won championship against the winner of this year’s New Japan Cup, which takes place during March. His first defense will go down on April 6th at Madison Square Garden during the massive G1 Supercard event.

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