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Jay White Retains IWGP World Heavyweight Championship At AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door

IWGP World Heavyweight Championship: Jay White (c) (with Gedo) vs. Kazuchika Okada vs. Hangman Page vs. Adam Cole

Cole quickly leaves the ring, as does White, so Okada and Page are left on their own. Cole drags Page out of the ring, and White takes the fight to Okada. White and Cole try to strategize at ringside, but their opponents attack them. White suplexes Okada onto the apron. The fight spills up the ramp. Cole and White suplex Page onto the ramp and take him out of the equation for a minute.

Page slams White into the steps. Cole and White continue to double-team Okada. Page fights them off and hits a springboard clothesline on White. Cole superkicks Page in mid-air. Okada rallies and drops White with a flapjack. He kicks Cole off the top rope and takes control. Okada dives over the barricade and takes White and Cole down with a crossbody.

Page enters the action with a flurry of offense. White and Cole Too Sweet each other, and Cole stabs him in the back by hitting him with a backstabber. White dodges the Boom and slams Cole. He dumps Okada on his head with suplex. Cole drops him with the Boom. All four men are down after Page clotheslines Okada. They get up and trade blows.

Page powerbombs White for a two count. Hangman dives onto Okada and Cole at ringside. Gedo distracts him, and the interference helps White dodge the Buckshot Lariat. Page still hits the Deadeye and rocks White with the Buckshot Lariat, but Okada breaks up the pin. Page and Okada trade blows. Hangman suplexes him and drops him with a clothesline. Cole slams Page into the ring post. Okada hits an over-the-knee Air Raid Crash on Cole. Two superkicks floor Okada and Page. Cole superkicks Page. White sneaks in and hits the Blade Runner. He then abruptly pins Cole.

Winner and still IWGP World Heavyweight Champion: Jay White


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