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Jeff Cobb Now A Free Agent!

Photo Credit: Ring Of Honor Wrestling

Jeff Cobb is reportedly no longer under contract with Ring Of Honor Wrestling as his current contract with the promotion expired on January 1st, 2020. Cobb opted not to re-sign an exclusive deal with the company but will continue working with ROH on a per-show/appearance deal.

Cobb has made a great impression in the industry from working EVOLVE Wrestling and making his national television debut while working as the monster Matanza Cueto in Lucha Underground. Cobb made his debut at Aztec Warfare 2 in grand fashion when his brother Dario Cueto unleashed the beast. Matanza wound up destroying everyone in his path. Cueto would win Aztec Warfare 2 and become the new Lucha Underground Champion that same night.

After his run with Lucha Underground, Jeff Cobb found himself with Ring Of Honor wrestling when he defeated Punishment Martinez for the ROH TV title back on in under two minutes and ultimately becoming the champion in his first match. It' worth noting, where ever Cobb is, gold is certainly in his grasp.


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