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Jerry Lynn Announces He's Opening A Wrestling School

Jerry Lynn has announced he is part of the relaunched FXE Wrestling Training and Performance Academy.

The AEW producer revealed the news in a social media post on Monday. Lynn is set to be one of three trainers at the academy along with AJ Gallant, and the NWA's Thom Latimer.

The school is based out of Hendersonville, Tennessee.

"After years of being asked, 'When are you going to open a school?' It’s finally happened! Check us out, you won’t regret it! Hendersonville, TN," Lynn wrote on Twitter.

The original school was run by Gallant, who is a graduate of The Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy. The first incarnation of the school, the FXE Pro Wrestling Academy, opened in Orlando in 2004. The relaunched school will also be producing live events featuring their trainees.

"Along with its head trainers, and the help of graduates of the original school, FXE looks to once again begin producing the squared circle stars of tomorrow while ingraining in them the motto: LIVE IT, LEARN IT, LOVE IT!" the academy's website reads.


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