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Joe Hendry Speaks Out About the Impact Wrestling Creative Team, Returning to Impact

Impact Wrestling Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry joined Lee Tarrier of for an exclusive in-depth interview. During the conversation, Hendry opened up about his return to Impact Wrestling, and more. You can read the entire interview by clicking here. Here are some highlights:

His Impact Wrestling return:

“It’s awesome, man. It’s a dream job, dream company, it’s where I wanna be. How many people can say that in life? I feel very fortunate after having wrestling taken away from me for such a long time with covid. I’ve got a new sense of gratitude towards pro wrestling. When I imagined the dream of being a pro wrestler, this is what I imagined, so I’m very happy.”

Reinventing his look and winning the Digital Media title:

“It was wild. I didn’t think for a second this would all happen. Actually, I thought to myself, maybe in 2023 maybe I’ll have a run at going for the Digital Media Championship, but then to do it at my second set of tapings was ludicrous. But, I have worked very hard to get to this position. I’ve reinvented myself in the ring, I’ve reinvented my look, I’ve busted my ass with my physique. I’ve worked so hard and so I think I’ve deserved this shot and I thank IMPACT for feeling that I had this shot in me. They delivered on their end and then it was time for me to deliver on mine.”

The Impact creative team and talent:

“The creative team are amazing and as soon as I get back behind the curtain, I get feedback from Tommy Dreamer, who is a legend in the game. He is so strong in a lot of areas I need to work on. So to get feedback from him is invaluable.

“Eric Young is amazing, he takes so much time to give me great feedback. Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, they will sit and talk with me about ideas for moves and helping me with ring craft. There’s just so many people, it’s hard to name them all. We are so lucky to have the world class talent we have backstage.”

Hendry also opened up about where Impact sits in the world for wrestling fans, still living in Scotland, his future, and much more. You can read the complete interview at this link.


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