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Joe Hendry Would Like To Sing A Duet With Chris Jericho In Impact Wrestling

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Joe Hendry arrived in Impact Wrestling after making headlines as a freestyle wrestler in Austrailia's 2018 Commonwealth Games. He recently took part in a media conference where he discussed how he is able to use his other talents in Impact Wrestling as well.

Hendry was known for his comical and inspirational entrances during his time on the independent wrestling scene. He would write his own songs which were usually a parody of any number of popular tunes from eclectic genres. He was able to bring that aspect with him to Impact Wrestling, but Hendry revealed why he had to trade parodies for original music which could also be useful in the future as part of an album.

"One of the cool things about a relationship so far it's such a rarity -- especially at this level -- for Impact to have given me the creative space and the freedom," Hendry said of his music videos. "With these entrances, all I have to do is show up with a file. You know I show up with a file and that's what they're gonna play. To have that level of trust of a television product of the quality of Impact Wrestling, to me that speaks volumes about how Impact has seen itself working with the talents.

"I've been allowed to go away and kind of think about, 'How are we going to entertain the fans? What's the best possible way I can entertain the fans in the live audience and on television as well?' The real challenge this time is I've had to come away from parodies because -- because here's the thing -- even though parody is protected under fair use, we don't really need any kind of issues with copyright and things like that. So we've just used original songs thus far."

Hendry said once they produced several songs for Impact Wrestling, they realized that half of an album was inadvertently produced, "which gets us thinking. I'm not going to say any more than that but it definitely gets us thinking of what we can do music-wise. So that's definitely been a lot of fun," he said.

When asked who he would pick to sing a duet with on Impact Wrestling, Hendry replied that Chris Jericho would be his first choice for many reasons including Fozzy's undeniable success.

"Who else can you say but Chris Jericho?" Hendry replied. "That guy has really been -- he's a huge influence for me -- he showed that wrestlers can be multi-talented and multi-talented. He's someone I've looked up to, I've already wrestled a lot of the wrestlers that I've looked up to, but Chris Jericho is on that list.

"But if you're asking me that question, I'm gonna say Chris Jericho to get some numbers."

The Prestigious Hendry brings a lot of musical talent to the table and I asked him if he was using that along with his Master's Degree in Business and Marketing in any kind of backstage capacity within Impact Wrestling. He also took the opportunity to also address a misconception of his involvement in the music business.

"First of all I have to, unfortunately, dispell a mistruth and that for some reason someone said I was signed with Sony for ten years," Hendry said. "Maybe I should just roll with it, you know? We went to meet with two of the big executives at RCA and came really close to doing a deal but it didn't happen. I got offered an independent deal which was great from another label that was going to tie me down for seven years."

Hendry said he couldn't sign a deal that would lock his life down for such a large amount of time, so he turned it down. Instead, his professional wrestling journey continued to Impact Wrestling where he said that although he has assisted in a backstage capacity in the past, he's leaving it to the capable people in charge behind the scenes to make the product an overall success.

"As for a backstage role," Hendry continued. "I've done commentary before, I've worked backstage for other companies, but for me, my focus is being an in-ring competitor. Not only that, but we have got some of the best in the business working backstage. Again, I could go through everybody but there are so many great phenomenally talented people working backstage.

"Impact Wrestling has got decades of experience backstage so they don't need Joe Hendry, I'm best utilized as a talent.


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