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  • Carlos Astorga

Jon Moxley And Eddie Kingston Explain AEW Revolution Dud

Just three days after AEW Revolution ended with a whimper, Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston attempted to explain the explosive dud on AEW Dynamite.

“It’s a little embarrassing but I’m me,” said Kingston, explaining his actions. “When I went to that ring and I covered my friend, thinking there’d be these explosions and fireworks, I caught a flashback to the last time I had that level of anxiety. The last time I had that kind of panic; when I couldn’t breathe.

“That’s when I was sitting in a jail sell, getting ready for court. And I had the guards telling me ‘we’re gonna take you to Ryker’s boy! We’re going to take you to Sing Sing boy!’ And everything went black.”

Kingston went on to refer to Omega as a joker, implying that Omega had pranked them. Moxley, for his part, disagreed.

“I don’t think he was joking,” Moxley said. “He was trying to blow me up!”

“I don’t think he’s that nuts,” Kingston shot back. “It’s 2021!”

The two former rivals turned friends then speculated on who built the dud of a bomb. “I don’t know who paid for that bomb,” Moxley wondered.

He barely had enough time to mention Tony Khan’s name before Kingston gave an answer. “Impact did! You know they did!”

“Impact paid for the bomb?” Moxley wondered. “Yeah that makes perfect sense!”

Continuing to steer into the skid, Moxley and Kingston mercilessly mocked the failed explosive. It all set up for Moxley to deliver one final punchline.

“I was in an Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match live on pay per view, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!” Moxley exclaimed before showing off the special t-shirt made for the Moxley-Omega match.

Kingston and Moxley acknowledged again how disappointing the explosion was. They noted their issues with Omega, Don Callis and the Good Brothers are far from over.

“Kenny, Good Brothers,” Moxley said while Kingston stifled a laugh. “If you’re going to flash a weapon, you better use it.”

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