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Jon Moxley Has Trademarked Two Of His Ring Names

AEW and New Japan Pro-Wrestling star Jon Moxley is now the proud owner of two new trademarks. In addition to his AEW ring name “Jon Moxley”, the wrestler has also secured “Mox” as a name for use in professional wrestling and merchandise.

Moxley secured the trademarks through Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, a firm that has also helped various AEW and WWE stars secure their own trademarks for similar purposes. Most interestingly, the Revival used the firm in January to trademark the name “Shatter Machine”, a possible new moniker for the duo as they leave “The Revival” in WWE’s hands if they do indeed depart the company.

Moxley is one of the focal points of All Elite Wrestling television and an NJPW champion, so it’s likely he won’t need to utilize any other names for a long time to come, and now he won’t need to.


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