• Carlos Astorga

Jon Moxley Retains AEW World Championship At AEW's ALL OUT

Here are the full results of the AEW World Championship match.

AEW World Title Match

MJF (with Wardlow) vs. Jon Moxley (c)

MJF tries pinning Mox’s shoulders to the mat for a brief one count. MJF cinches in a side headlock, but Mox scoop slams him. MJF catches him with an elbow and then continues a side headlock.

MJF goes to the outside but not for long he rolls back in the ring and disrespects the crowd. Mox goes to leap on top of him after being there once more, but MJF rolls back in and Mox is frustrated. Soon enough, Mox does catch him with a tope. Mox fish hooks him over the barricade and then crotches him on it.

Fight continues on the outside. He chops MJF down hard and utilizes his brawler technique. Mox cranks on the fingers of MJF as he screams for the ref. Remsburg reminds him of winning it in the ring. Back in the ring. MJF uses the turnbuckle to roll on top for a pin attempt. MJF locks in Mox’s arm in a triangle. Mox hangs him out to dry over the top rope. The two are on the apron. Wardlow saunters over, distracts Jon and MJF drops Mox’s arm hard on the apron. MJF goes back in the ring to recuperate and relish in the moment. Wardlow shoots Mox back in and MJF then focuses on the shoulder. Knees on the arm of Mox before hammer locking the champ down. The two get to their feet, Mox hits some elbows but MJF uses momentum to wrench the shoulder of Mox. He chokes Jon.

MJF rakes the eyes of Mox and sends him into the corner. Soon enough, a shoulder block on the apron makes Jon crash outside. MJF goes against his game plan and heads outside. Jon makes him pay for it by sending him into the post. Mox’s shoulder is separated and he tries to put it back into place with the bottom turnbuckle. MJF is a bloody mess. A knee strike by Mox who almost goes for a Paradigm Shift, but stops himself. He lifts MJF and looks for a Gotch style piledriver, but no dice with the bum left shoulder.

On the outside, Mox Bossman slams MJF on the floor. He rolls Max back in who tries to beg Jon off. Makes tries to lock the arm, but Mox hits him with that Gotch piledriver finally. Impressive kick out. Mox soon bites one bloody Max and he now is covered in blood. He lifts MJF in the corner and seeks a suplex. JR notes the toughness of MJF. MJF bites the hand of Mox and then stomps on the arm of Mox from the top rope. Very loud. He really focuses on the left arm. The two trade punches. Hard elbows by MOx. MJF throat chops Mox. Kick to the face. A one armed Mox clotheslines MJF down and falls on top. Kick out by MJF.

Wardlow tosses in the Dynamite Diamond, but as the ref’s back is turned, Moxley hits a Paradigm Shift for the victory!

WINNER and STILL AEW World Champion: Jon Moxley

Post-match we get a picture clear shot of Lance Archer looking on with Jake Roberts.