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Jonah Comments On Potentially Showing Up On AEW

When Jonah was released by WWE, fans have wondered whether JONAH will arrive in AEW, and while the two sides didn’t reach an aftermath when the former NXT star hit the open market, that doesn’t necessarily mean the powerhouse will never pop up in Tony Khan’s promotion.

In an interview with Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes, JONAH noted that he’d be open to working with AEW in the future.

Yeah, I mean I did speak with AEW briefly, we couldn’t come to any sort of deal or anything like that, said JONAH. “New Japan is my priority and then IMPACT Wrestling, because they reached out to me as well and have taken care of me. But I won’t say that it is off of the books. It’s something that is not in my focus right now, but somewhere down the line you could see Jonah in AEW for sure.”

JONAH has previously made it clear that he wants to live up to his “Top Dog” moniker by showing everyone that he’s undoubtedly a major star. The powerhouse was the first entrant to be announced for the 2022 PWG Battle of Los Angeles, and in the interview, he described how this tournament is a chance for him to do just that. He described how the WWE releases and the ROH hiatus have added a lot of talent to the open market, so he’s determined to stand out in this talented group of wrestlers.

“It just makes for a very competitive landscape, and I wanted to make sure that I stood out,” said JONAH. “Making sure I was with New Japan, and making an impact, as a pun, in IMPACT Wrestling. And now being the first ever entrant in The Battle For Los Angeles. I wanted people to see that ok, Jonah is one of the staple guys in professional wrestling that is going to be everywhere.”

The Battle of Los Angeles will be held on January 29, and January 30. Before that, JONAH will be in action on January 8 at IMPACT Wrestling Hard To Kill, where he’ll face Josh Alexander.


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