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Jonathan Gresham Signs With IMPACT Wrestling

Jonathan Gresham finds a new home.

Jonathan Gresham returned to IMPACT Wrestling on December 15. Gresham would save Delirious from Eddie Edwards and in a post-segment promo, Gresham revealed that he had signed with IMPACT in hopes of getting a match with Edwards.

“I’m back here in IMPACT Wrestling because I feel like I have unfinished business with Eddie Edwards. Now I know Eddie is trying to move on from this Honor No More stuff and I would too, to be honest, so I get it. But the last time I was here, I had a match scheduled with Eddie, a match that never happened, and like Eddie, I’m trying to move on, too but to be honest with you was very difficult for me to do that when I know I have to put this to bed with him. So at some point, Eddie is going to have to deal with me. I can say that with confidence because I just signed a contract here with IMPACT Wrestling today. So I’m not going anywhere.”

Gresham did not have to wait long as a match was made official between the two men for the upcoming Hard To Kill event on Friday, January 13.


After Honor No More was driven out of IMPACT Wrestling, Eddie Edwards vowed to put his past behind him in an attempt to repair his relationship with his wife, Alisha. But Edwards would soon learn that doing so is no easy task. Following a victory over Delirious, Edwards showed his true colors when he attacked the deranged one after the bell. As Edwards continued the assault, he was haunted by another ghost from his past, the returning Jonathan Gresham. Earlier this year during the early stages of Honor No More’s dominance, Edwards was set for a match with “The Octopus” that never came to fruition. Now Edwards must pay for his sins as the two will finally do battle nine months later at Hard To Kill!

On Friday, January 13th, IMPACT Wrestling kicks off 2023 in a big way with its next must-see pay-per-view extravaganza, Hard To Kill LIVE from Center Stage in Atlanta! Tickets are on-sale now at


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