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Jordynne Grace Crowned New IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Championship At Slammiversary

Queen of the Mountain Match for the IMPACT Knockouts World Championship: Tasha Steelz (c) (with Savannah Evans) vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Chelsea Green vs. Mia Yim vs. Jordynne Grace

Special guest enforcer Mickie James comes to the ring. Steelz leaves the ring right after the bell. She sets up two tables at ringside as her opponents fight in the ring. Purrazzo and Green gain the upper hand and double-team Yim. Steelz dives onto Yim and Grace. Green takes flight and dives onto her competitors, and Purrazzo follows suit. Green pins Steelz to become eligible, so Steelz has to enter the penalty box. James locks Evans and Steelz in the penalty box. Yim hits Green with a series of strikes. Steelz drops Purrazzo with a big boot and plants, Kim, with a modified bulldog. James enters the ring and tells Evans to leave; she officially ejects her, and Steelz gets in the legend’s face.

Yim pins Green to become eligible, and she sends the latter to the penalty box. Green licks the door into James’ face as she’s being put in the box. Yim tries to hang the title, but Purrazzo stops her. Steelz hits a diving cutter on Yim. Purrazzo makes Steelz tap out to become eligible, and she sends Steelz to the penalty box. Yim gets a two-count on a roll-up. Green plays to the crowd, and Yim sends her into the ladder with a missile dropkick. Yim dives off a ladder and lands on Grace and Purrazzo. She plants Grace with a piledriver on the floor and pins her, so she becomes eligible. James stops Green from climbing a ladder and attacks her. She slides the title to Yim, who climbs a ladder until Purrazzo stops her with a powerbomb onto a ladder. Green and Purrazzo climb up a ladder, but Yim sends them crashing through two tables at ringside. Steelz helps Grace pin Yim, so they become eligible. Grace drops Steelz with a Musclebuster and pins her to send her to the penalty box. Grace hooks the title to win the match.

Winner and new IMPACT Knockouts World Champion: Jordynne Grace


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