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Josh Alexander On Choosing IMPACT Over AEW

While a deal was on the table for Josh Alexander from All Elite Wrestling, he knew he wanted to stay with IMPACT Wrestling.

IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Josh Alexander was a recent guest on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked if he considered signing with All Elite Wrestling as a free agent, Alexander admitted it was on the table, but it was never close to happening for multiple reasons.

“It was definitely on the table, and it was definitely a thought and all this other stuff. But I wouldn’t say it was too close because with all the stuff that had been happening and IMPACT, I really felt like [I should stay],” Josh Alexander said. “And like also happening in AEW, with me watching every week, I still watch everything to this day.

“But I just like for me as a pro-wrestler, my fulfillment of what I do is to go out there and wrestle and show what I can do. I think my benefit is bell-to-bell. That is where I will gain notoriety. That is where I will show my worth in the pro-wrestling scene. And at the time watching AEW, it didn’t look like a lot of people were getting opportunities to do that stuff outside of like the top 20 people that were on the roster. You’d see people shuffle in and out and shuffle in and out it out there.

“They get their runs for a few weeks, and they go back to shorter matches on AEW Dark, and it was just IMPACT has been so good to me. They were the first company that gave me an opportunity and got me that visa, did this stuff and like it’s all been roses since I got there man, I won the tag belts three months after I signed and got there. And I had the longest running tag team championship run, you know, and then as soon as Ethan left, everything’s like going through your mind.

“And I was stressing out being like man, I hope I don’t sit on the bench and just have to watch the shows until they figure out what they’re gonna do with me. And immediately, I got an opportunity in the X-Division. And you know, that happened and was awesome and all this other stuff. It was just opportunity after opportunity. I think all you can ask for as a wrestler is for an opportunity to show what you can do. Give me the ball, and if I drop it, that’s fine. But you know, they’ve given me the ball a ton of times, and I don’t think I’ve dropped it yet. So, I’m just gonna ride this out and see how it goes.”


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