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Josh Alexander Retains IMPACT World Champion At Bound For Glory

IMPACT World Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Eddie Edwards

Josh and Eddie’s families are sitting next to each other in the front row. They start with a lock up and proceed with a slower pace compared to the rest of the night. Eddie dives to the outside before chopping Josh against the apron. Josh is rolled back in, but he counters by crossbodying Eddie off the apron. They trade forearm shots in the middle. Eddie runs the ropes and flies through the ropes to wipe out the champ. Eddie exposes the wood floor at ringside. On the apron, Josh tries to suplex Eddie onto the wood, but Eddie holds on the ropes. He elbows out but Josh boots him down. Eddie lands Die Hard Driver on the wood. In the ring, Eddie hits backpack stunner for a two. He transitions to a Boston Crab. Eddie hits a powerbomb but Josh counters with a rolling Alabama slam into the corner to get Eddie away from him.

Josh lands a series of German suplexes with the third connecting on the apron. Josh still has the hold and throws Eddie on the floor mat and then the ramp for five in total. Josh with a back breaker on his knee. Eddie hits a forearm shot followed by Blue Thunder Bomb. Josh catches Eddie with a Styles Clash and transitions into an Ankle Lock. Eddie rolls it through, sending Josh to the outside. Josh lands C4 Spike, but the Kingdom pulls the ref out. Kenny King low blows Josh. Another ref enters as security chases off HNM. Eddie connects with Boston Knee Party, but Josh kicks out. Josh reverses a driver from Eddie into a half and half suplex. Josh applies an ankle lock from the top rope for a few seconds. Eddie’s knee meets the head. Eddie hits Tiger Driver, kick out. Josh is pouring out blood from his nose now.

Eddie delivers chest chops and they evolve into straight up slaps. Straps come down as more hands are thrown. Eddie spits in Josh’s face. Josh takes his head gear off and fires back with chops and slaps. Eddie rolls him up for a two. Stiff clothesline, Josh goes down. Josh cold cocks Eddie and lands C4 Spike again. Josh pins for the three.

Winner: Josh Alexander (c)

After, Honor No More beats Josh down. Heath and Rich Swann try to make the save, but they get tossed out as well. Kingdom grabs a table and props it up. Bully Ray’s music hits and he comes out with his trophy in hand. He hands it to the ref as Josh stares up at him. They share words and Bully turns around to help clear the ring. Bully grabs the title and lifts it up and threatens Josh. They continue staring as the show goes off the air.

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