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Ken Shamrock Wants To Wrestle Brian Cage For The Impact World Title

Photo Credit MMA Weekly


Former Impact Wrestling star Ken Shamrock wants another shot at their top title, and he threw out a challenge on Tuesday to the current champ.

It all began after Impact EVP Scott D’Amore tweeted saying he’d be curious to see Shamrock and Brian Cage face-off in the ring. Ken responded saying,

“Let me help with the curiosity, the outlook is as follows… 100% probability of #snap #crackle and #pop followed by heavy precipitation from [Brian Cage] as I stand over him as the new [Impact Wrestling] World Champion!”

Cage replied, “Predicted outcomes could have strong percentage of probability, Minus the standing over me as new impact champ. normally maybe, but since I’m a machine ur percentage goes way down. I got a degree in Steiner math, So I know the numbers dont lie, and they spell disaster for you.”

As we previously reported, Brian Cage defeated Johnny Impact at Rebellion this weekend to capture the Impact World Championship. 

“A machine is man made, has faults and can only take so much,” Shamrock fired back at Cage via Twitter. “Sounds like it’s about time for #theworldsmostdangerousman to #breakthemachine

For those unfamiliar, Ken Shamrock was Impact’s first World champ. 

Do you want to see Cage vs. Shamrock? Tell us in the comments below. 


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