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Kenny Omega Crowned New IMPACT Wrestling Champion At Rebellion

David Penzer makes the official introductions. He introduces Brian Hebner and Aubrey Edwards as your official officials. Don Callis takes over the introductions from there. He obviously puts over Kenny and the “champion” vs. “champion” aspect. Penzer then introduces Swann. All belts get raised, the bell rings and the two champs circle one another.

Swann gets in a shooter position, but Kenny wrenches the arm and the two out maneuver one another. Kenny does so with a shoulder tackle. They lock up and Kenny slaps him. Once Rich charges, Kenny seeks refuge in the ropes. Swann kicks Kenny in the gut, but the two leapfrog one another. Swann dropkicks Kenny out of the ring and then Swann soon hits a phoenix splash onto the floor. He sends Kenny back in. Strikes in the corner from Swann, snap mare to spine kick. Another spine kick. He goes for a rolling thunder splash, but Kenny gets his knees up.

Belly-t0-back from Kenny. He then hits a belly to back on the apron. Swann and he trade slaps and strikes. Swann hits his head after a handstand on the apron. Buckle bomb by Omega on Rich. Shoulder breaker by Kenny for a 1-2-and no.

Kenny with a neck wrench. He chokes away at Rich utilizing the ropes. Massive rib breaker into a pendulum backbreaker. Cover for a two count. Knees to Rich’s back. Forearm to the back after a rope rebound. Rich is down on his hands and knees. Rich soon nails Kenny with a standing frog splash for a very near fall. STO from Swann followed by a flying head scissors takeover. Enziguri kick to Kenny up to followed by a rana for a kick out at one.

Kenny is down on the canvas and Swann ascends. Kenny knocks him down and he then climbs up in Rich’s former position. Swann meets him there as the men battle it out with Kenny laying in strikes. Kenny goes to powerbomb Swann but both men go off after Swann bac body drops Kenny off very awkwardly. Swann hits a frog splash for a very close fall.

Omega later boots Rich hard before hitting an amazing sit-out bomb for a near fall. V-Trigger. He goes for a OWE, but Rich escapes only to get clocked with a spinning heel kick. Kenny taunts before charging with V-Trigger. Kenny puts him up top for an electric chair but Rich falls off awkwardly once more and Kenny comes off top with another rough spot.

Discus chop by Swann and the two trade kicks. V-Trigger and then a Dragon Suplex by Kenny. Another one. Kenny goes for a third but Swann hits a cutter. Swann then handsprings towards Kenny for another cutter, but Hebner gets caught with it courtesy of Kenny. In comes Aubrey and so does a chair for Kenny. Aubrey pulls it away. Callis gets on the apron. Swann hits his handspring cutter and gets close, but Kenny rolls on top. Rich kicks out. Kenny goes for a V-Trigger, but Rich counter kicks and hits a spinning Michinoku Driver for a very near fall.

Rich lands on his feet after a phoenix splash and Kenny hits a V-Trigger. He drops him into a German for a near fall. Jay Driller for another two. Kenny gets to his feet first and then he picks Rich up. HARD V-Trigger. Another one. D’Lo notes Kenny has no knee pad as Rich topples on the mat. Kenny taunts Eddie and Willie with Rich’s lifeless body. A V-Trigger to the back of Rich’s head. Swann somehow fights back, but Kenny hits another V. Rich counters with a suplex. Rich goes for his Phoenix splash, but Kenny rolls. Another V-Trigger. One-Winged Angel. 1-2-3.

WINNER and NEW IMPACT World Champion: Kenny Omega

Kenny is shown holding all three belts and the show ends.


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