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Kenny Omega Names Dream Opponents

All Elite Wrestling superstar Kenny Omega recently spoke with Forbes, where he discussed a wide variety of topics. Among the things discussed, though, were who Omega would like to see in the ring that’s currently signed with WWE. The list covered some big superstars as well as some surprising names as well.

When asked about his dream opponents who may still be with WWE, Omega named AJ Styles first, noting their history in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. “AJ [Styles] and I worked together in New Japan. He saved me in a lot of ways when I was thinking about possibly getting out of wrestling,” he said. “He was there for me to help point me in the right direction and I think he would be a great opponent.”

Among some of the other superstars named, Omega also brought up The New Day, and imagined how fun it would be to work with them. He also brought up Seth Rollins, calling him a great wrestler, and said that he just looks for talent who seem to be good people and want to wrestle. “The New Day, those guys would be a lot of fun to work with. I get compared a lot to Seth Rollins. Seth is a great wrestler and I think we could have some really great matches together. I just want to work with good people—not good people in the sense that they’re only talented in the ring, but people who are genuinely good dudes who the fans would want to see me wrestle. At the end of the day, I’d just want to wrestle the opponents who would make fans the most excited because that’s really what it’s all about.”


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