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Kenny Omega's Status With AEW

Photo Credit Indy Pro Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling has a rally set in Las Vegas on February 7th. We’re not sure what they will announce during that rally, but they are gathering their forces for another press conference regardless.

Dave Meltzer commented on Kenny Omega’s status during Wrestling Observer Radio. Even though it’s not a sure thing that Omega will be signing with AEW, the picture is becoming clearer at this point

“They’re trying to bring in names that weren’t in Jacksonville. Whatever announcements, you know you can look at the date of the end of Kenny Omega’s contract and you can see that this is this. Kenny Omega has not signed. It is not 100% what he is going to do.”

Meltzer continued saying that he believes Kenny Omega will be going to AEW, but nothing is official yet. However, the timing of All Elite Wrestling’s next big rally and the fact that Kenny Omega’s contract is up at the end of January or the first week in February does certainly point to the possibility of Omega being there for the next AEW rally.

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