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Kenny Omega Teases Signing With WWE Or Impact Wrestling

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The end of 2018 is shaping up to be the most important free agency period in pro-wrestling since the Attitude Era. Members of Bullet Club Elite are all going to hit free agency at the end of the year and have stated they plan to stick together as a group.

Kenny Omega Teases Signing With WWE or Impact On Latest Being The Elite

On the latest edition of Being the Elite, Kenny Omega teases potentially signing with WWE or Impact Wrestling.

During the episode, Omega is shown in a hotel room speaking on the phone. Omega makes it clear he is speaking to his friend, Impact Vice President Don Callis, when he says the line “Anyway, sucks you couldn’t be on commentary this week.” A reference to Callis not being available to call King of Pro Wrestling.

Then several notes are slipped under Omega’s door which seemed to be encouraging him to sign with WWE.

“Stuck in Japan but looking for more, why not come on down as entry #4? – H” reads one of the notes slipped under Omega’s door.

“Perhaps looking for a better payday? What about a single’s match with AJ? – H” reads the second note slipped under Omega’s door. He then decided to keep that note in his back pocket. When Omega finally did find who was slipping notes under his door, however, it turned out to be Cody. After Omega was able to get Cody to show him both his hands at the same time, the NWA Champ admitted he was just trying to give Omega a promotional code for Blue Chew.

A countdown was shown at the end of the episode. The same countdown was shown after the last episode as well. The clock is counting the days, hours and minutes until the group becomes free agents.

The full episode is listed below. Omega’s part starts at the 7:31 mark.


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