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Kenny Omega Was Very Close To Signing With IMPACT Wrestling

Photo Credit Indy Pro Wrestling

Kenny Omega’s destination doesn’t seem to be New Japan Pro Wrestling because he said that he is leaving. However, he could always end up at All Elite Wrestling where he could be permitted to work some NJPW dates. WWE is also always a possibility because of the amount of money Vince McMahon can throw at someone.

Omega’s recent comments saying that he wants to work with his friends would lead us to believe that he’s going to AEW.

Long story short, we don’t know where Kenny Omega is going next, but he’s not going to Impact Wrestling

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Don Callis was “very close to deals” with both Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega “before AEW came in.” This would also lead us to believe that Omega is All Elite Wrestling bound as well.

The report continued detailing what kind of deals Impact Wrestling was offering The Cleaner and Y2J.

“The expectation before AEW is that Omega would work for New Japan and do 30 dates per year here, and Jericho would work here because he’d have so much input on his creative if he wanted to work another year with New Japan.”

If All Elite Wrestling is able to snag both Omega and Jericho (we know they already have Y2J) then that could be epic. It gives the young wrestling company the chance to put on Alpha vs Omega whenever they please. It’s no surprise why Impact Wrestling wanted them both so badly, but it didn’t work out.


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