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Kenny Omega Wins His IMPACT Wrestling Debut At Hard To Kill

Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers vs Rich Swann, Chris Sabin, & Moose

Don Callis introduced Omega and said Hogan, Flair, Thesz, Gotch were all insects compared to Omega. Had he said Terry Funk, I might be driving to Nashville right now.

Omega and friends were all wearing Bullet Club shirts.

Sabin and Anderson went back and forth. Moose and Gallows tagged in and they faced off nose to nose with neither getting the advantage. Omega and Swann tagged in. They teased the confrontation but Anderson tagged in. He and Swann went back and forth. Swann got the better of it and tagged out to Moose. He nailed Anderson and held him for a double dropkick. Moose nailed a standing moonsault for a two count. Sabin and Anderson battled back and forth.

Swann and Omega tagged in and they battled. He monkey flipped Omega onto Anderson. Swann got on Sabin's shoulders to nail assisted DDTs. Swann and Sabin went for stereo pescados but the Bullet Club moved. They caught themselves and superkicked Gallows at the same time. Swann nailed a flip dive off the apron to the floor. Swann went for the top rope frog splash but Omega blocked it.

Team Omega gained control on Swann. Anderson slammed him with authority. Swann was beaten down for a long time as Omega and friends tagged in and out. Swann finally nailed a Pele Kick on Omega and made the hot tag to Moose. Moose wiped out Omega and nailed a big uranage on Anderson. Moose drilled Gallows with a headbutt and controlled everyone. He mocked Omega and Team Swann nailed a triple kick in the corner. Moose nailed a discus lariat for a close two count.

Everyone battled. Omega drilled Sabin and scored a two count. Omega nailed a sit-out powerbomb but Sabin kicked out at the last second. Omega went for the V-Trigger but Moose nailed a big boot. Sabin nailed a missile dropkick but Anderson nailed him. Swann drilled Anderson but Omega nailed him with the V-Trigger. Omega went to the top but Moose grabbed him and hit a Spanish Fly. Sabin drilled Omega with his finisher but Anderson broke up the pinfall. Some great sequences here.

Gallows and Anderson double teamed Sabin. They almost scored the three count but Sabin escaped at the last second. They went for the Magic Killer but Sabin fought his way out and nailed a spinning DDT. Swann and Omega tagged in and battled back and forth punches. Omega nailed a snap dragon suplex and a piledriver but Moose and Sabin made the save. Moose and Swann nailed a Doomsday Device on Omega but he kicked up at the last second.

Swann nailed a reverse rana. Omega popped up and kicked him. Swann superkicked him back and nailed a 450 splash but Omega escaped at the last second. The battle continued until Omega nailed the V-Trigger and the One-Winged Angel for the pin.

Your winners, Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers!


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