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Killer Kross Is Looking For Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley has a lot of people very excited about locking up with him now that he is no longer in WWE. Killer Kross is one of those people and the two stars share Las Vegas as their homestead so this could get interesting.

Killer Kross uploaded a new video where he walked into a bar with some questions for the bar tender. He said a very fascinating piece of information has been brought to his attention because “there’s a lunatic on the loose in my city.”

He made references to what Moxley has been saying about paradigm shifts and carving hourglasses into bars just like the one he was in.

Someone tried to talk to Kross, but he just smashed a beer bottle over his head to shut him up. Kross then asked the bar tender to deliver a message that “somebody’s looking for him because he was better off staying in prison because he’s no longer safe.”

Before leaving, Killer Kross said that everybody pays the toll and then there was a ticking clock sound as he left the bar.


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