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Killer Kross Makes First Appearance On WWE NXT

Back in February, WWE announced that they had signed former IMPACT Wrestling star Killer Kross and he would report to the WWE Performance Center. Triple H was reportedly high on The Herald Of Doomsday and he will be booked to enjoy a short stint in NXT before being moved to either Monday Night Raw or Friday Night SmackDown. His first appearance on the black and gold brand has been teased since February 26 as vignettes of doomsday like scenarios have aired for the past month, showing images like a sign reading "The End Is Near" and a vulture picking the bones off a corpse.

On last night's episode of NXT, Kross was revealed as the mastermind behind the vignettes as after Johnny Gargano's and Tommaso Ciampa's confrontation, a new vignette flashed up on the titantron as a clock ticked down to zero with numerous images from the end of the world appearing on the screen along with a close up of Kross's face. With this appearance, the former Lucha Underground star seemingly has his sights set on either Gargano or Ciampa after their impending fourth match.

Watch the video below:


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