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Konnan Tells All About The Incident With Psicosis/Ripper!

Photo Credit: Keepin' It 100 With Konnan

On this weeks Keepin’ It 100 with Konnan, The master of the verbal gem explains in full detail the incident with Psicosis II and the story of what led to the incident and what happened after the incident. Here are the highlights. You can view the full video below also located on the Keepin' It 100 Official Youtube account. Please tune into Keepin' It 100 With Konnan on Thursdays on the MLW Radio Network and all other devices.

Konnan begins with the story of the late La Parka and how fans first treated him after he received the name from Antonio Pena after the original La Parka (now known as LA Park) went to WCW. Konnan uses that to compare the story with Psychosis and Psicosis II:

"Same thing happened with this guy. Nicho (the original Psychosis) when he leaves to WCW, Antonio Pena takes that name and he gives it to another guy. So this is the new Psychosis, and he went through the same shit. Especially when he would go to Tijuana where Nicho is from then he would really get it from the fans there calling him fake."

Konnan then speaks about the story and Nicho (the original Psychosis) and a program with Psicosis II and the issues that led from that:

"Basically what happened was, is around 12 years ago we decided to do Psychosis vs. Psychosis, me and Antonio Pena booked it. We decided to put the match together. When Nicho comes back they get into these street fights and all that, and the other guy is taking liberties on Nicho, and Nicho is telling me "hey man i didn't come back to fight this guy every fucking night, this guy is mental" So I go "bro whats your fucking problem?" he goes "oh no bro i'm jus trying to make it look good" and i go "no bro you're taking fucking liberties alright, because you're trying to prove to everybody that you're better than him because you're getting heat. that's part of the gig bro what did you fucking expect?"

"So we had another match and he went out there and he tried to legitimately try to hurt Nicho. Then we had another event where they were gonna face at this big event, so Nicho decided not to show up, thats how seriously i knew this was. So i go to Nicho "thats how it's gonna be? you don't even show up?", he goes "fuck that guy, i'm gonna go there and i'm gonna end up stabbing him or something. this guy is fucking crazy!"

"He's such a mark! In this guys mediocre mind, he's probably thinking "good i'm showing everybody, i'm the real Psychosis". So Nicho left, he didn't want to work and he didn't want to work with him. I told Pena "bro, what are we using this guy for?" so we started not to use him. so now he's thinking i have a personal problem with him."

Konnan then goes into what led to the twitter exchange that resulted in the incident this past Friday at the IMPACT Tapings:

"So fast forward, when Vampiro comes in, he starts using him (Psicosis II), so then, when i come in, i see who i think i can do business with and those i can't do business with, and he was part of that group of who i didn't want to work with, so he does an interview and he's like "yeah i'm not in AAA. Konnan doesn't like me, if Konnan wasn't there, i'd be there" and stuff like that. So i put on twitter i go "bro, if you were so good, why don't i see you in other promotions?" and so he kept coming at me on twitter so i kept roasting him, and so, you know how we talk about guys who you don't want to get in twitter feuds like Jim Cornette, because he's just gonna roast you? and people were fucking with him (Psicosis), and i think in that stupid mind of his he's like "fuck it i gotta teach this guy a lesson some how" i don't know what he was thinking bro."

Konnan speaks on the incident in full detail:

"Thing is that I show up to the fucking show, i'm alone, i'm getting out of a fucking van and next thing i see, he's coming up with a whole bunch of guys and a guy filming. i'm thinking for a split second, this guy is trying to get something for like a website or something, that's what i'm thinking. So he comes up and it immediately escalates into "fuck you man, you need to respect me, i'm the original Psychosis, you need to respect me like you respect him", i go "whats your fucking problem what going on here?"

"Now i see he's with other guys. so i'm kinda looking around and thinking "bro is this guy gonna actually jump me with these guys?" while i'm kinda looking out of my peripherals and i'm trying to defuse the situation he slaps me. I'm thinking real quick for that split second "bro if i hit him i know i'm gonna get jumped, i just know i am i just feel it."

"So my first reaction, if we would've been one on one i would've punched the shit out of him, even with a bad heart cuz that would've been my first reaction. but the minute i saw him, i don't if you could've seen it in the video but there's like guys around making sure nobody else comes. there's two guys on the outside and, i don't know if you noticed, but he tells the guy who was filming, "okay that's enough". So i'm thinking at that moment, let me get outta here and let me get to the dressing room so i can get everybody out. and so, he smacked me and i'm just thinking, "fuck, let me try to get out of here and get in the dressing room. when i was going into the dressing room a bunch of wrestlers came out and were like "what happened what happened?" i go "bro, this fucking bitch!" by the time they went out, he was already gone."

"If you notice (in the video) nobody (anyone else around the confrontation who were simply people hanging out and fans of the show) got in because they were afraid that these thugs were gonna fuck them up."

After the incident:

"And so, but then here's the other thing that's kind of weird. then i find out later on (2 hours after the incident) cuz i did an interview for the press, the video had already been put up, so after the interview they start coming up to me and they go "hey they were trying to sell us this video, just that this guy wanted credit and they wanted money". so this guy was A. trying to fucking film a video, try to get paid, try to get a buzz. now i don't know if he was trying to tape something where maybe it was edited, where i hit him back and he was gonna sue me or he edited in a way where "Konnan looks like a punk ass bitch" i look good, right? OR if maybe i would've hit him, and at the end everybody is stomping me down and thats what he puts up? but since no press would pay or put it up there, they just put it out on their own, but bro what a humungous mistake, what a humungous mistake he made."

"What a mental case ya know? but here's the other thing i'm thinking to myself, cuz he could've gotten some Salvadorian immigrants, street guys to Mexico illegally to come, i'm thinking to myself "how ballsy is it, that , what would've happened if wrestlers would've come out? i mean they would've kicked the shit out of him and all these guys, were these guys armed? did they have knives? how were they gonna stop the influx of wrestlers? that's to me in my head i was like "what was actually going on here?"

"You know the guy was waiting for me for three fucking hours. this was all prepared, this was all set up, you know there's a guy taping everything, he's cutting a promo on me, the guys around me and i'm trying to figure out... and they caught me quick boom boom boom boom boom. i'm glad i didn't get left laying. But believe me he made a very big mistake...and it has nothing to do with me giving him work!"

"You have no idea how many wrestlers, and i'll tell you off air so you can pop when they see him they're gonna destroy him, they've already stepped to him. this was the dumbest thing he ever did."


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