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La Parka Passes Away At Age 54

Photo Credit: AAA

It is with a heavy heart that we report that the legendary La Parka, one of AAA Lucha Libre more notable stars has passed away after dealing with complications from an injury he suffered recently when he attempted a suicide dive and landed head-first into the barricade during a match at KAOZ Lucha Libre. The injury resulted in La Parka being paralyzed for a short while as it was reported he could not feel his legs or arms. After some time La Parka did get feeling back and it seemed as though he was going to make a decent recovery after a couple of surgeries but that did not seem to be the case. 

The man behind the mask, Jesus Alfonso Huerta Escoboza leaves a son behind, who goes under the ring name Kariz La Momia Jr. Jesus was born on January 4th, 1966 in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Jesus made his debut in 1987 under the ring name Bello Sexy and worked the name for a few years until changing his ring name a couple of times and ultimately becoming Karis La Momia (Karis The Mummy), using the name with AAA Lucha Libre. Jesus would be under the name for about a year until his career would change and the La Parka name was given to him by the late Antonio Pena.

At the time, the original La Parka, Adolfo Tapia left AAA for WCW and took the name with him, however, he did not own the trademark or copyright to the name. Pena chose Jesus to have the name and he ultimately became La Parka after a legal battle ensued with the original La Parka after Adolfo joined CMLL in 2003. Several years later, after being a marquee name for AAA and main eventing many shows, and the death of Antonio Pena and a structural change in AAA Lucha Libre, the original La Parka returned to AAA and naturally, a storyline would ensue which would culminate in La Parka versus L.A. Park at Triplemania XVIII. 

La Parka would lose the match as the matches stipulation was for the rights to the La Parka name. However, both performers would keep the name as the decision to the match at Triplemania was thrown out due to interference in the match. Mexico City Boxing and Wrestling Commission made the decision and Jesus not only kept the name La Parka but would defeat LA Park in a rematch soon after. 

La Parka would remain a mainstay and a staple to AAA Lucha Libre until the end of his days. In 2018 La Parka made an appearance for IMPACT Wrestling when the promotion made its way down to Fronton Mexico for a set of tapings. La Parka would defeat Eli Drake in a match that came about when Eli Drake issued an open challenge to anyone. 

In 2019, La Parka introduced his son to the world of Lucha Libre and dubbing him Karis La Momia Jr. as a homage to the ring name Jesus began his AAA career with. The angle was heat-generated as Los Mercenarios wound up putting a beating to La Parka's son. This was a way to have an angle set up for the future while La Parkas' son was still in training. 

The La Parka name is one of the legendary names in Lucha Libre that will forever be remembered with names such as El Santo and Perro Aguayo, Rey Mysterio, Konnan, Vampiro, Paco Alonso, and many more. We here at wish his family our sincerest condolences.


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