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Lance Archer Win Casino Battle Royale At AEW's ALL OUT, Wins Future World Title Shot

Here are the full results of the Casino Battle Royal.

Casino Battle Royale

First set of entrants: Trent, Christopher Daniels, Jake Hager, The Blade & Rey Fenix

Bell rings and the first three minutes are underway. Daniels gets downed by Blade and Hager while Rey Fenix works on Trent. Fisherman’s neckbreaker by Blade on Daniels. Hard shots to Daniels by Hager. Daniels shoves Blade into Jake and then does a ten-count punch on Blade. Trent hits a Tornado DDT on Fenix. Hager blindsides Blade. Hager double leg slams Daniels. Blade and Fenix try to dump out Trent, but he hangs on. Countdown starts.

Second set of entrants: Frankie Kazarian, Will Hobbs, Chuck Taylor, Santana & Ortiz

Santana and Ortiz hit Taylor with that steel baton they introduced last week. Fenix and Blad kick away at Hobbs, but Hobbs ducks it and dumps Blade!


Third set of entrants: Billy, Penta, Ricky Starks, Brian Cage & Darby Allin

Cage immediately dumps out Billy. Darby eliminates Fenix. Chuck Taylor gets tossed too.

ELIMINATED: Billy, Rey Fenix & Chuck Taylor

Fourth set of entrants: Shawn Spears, Eddie Kingston, The Butcher, Sonny Kiss & Lance Archer

Shawn Spears immediately goes on commentary before he makes his way to the ring. Sonny Kiss dumps out Hager, but Cage catches Sonny and throws him out too. Santana charges at Trent but he ducks and out goes Santana. Archer then dumps out Trent & Ortiz.

ELIMINATED: Jake Hager, Sonny Kiss, Santana, Trent & Ortiz

Wild Card entrant: Matt Sydal

Sydal immediately goes for a shooting star, but slips. Very concerning moment but he appears okay. Penta gets eliminated and so does Kaz.


Cage inadvertently hits Starks and Darby dumps him out.

ELIMINATED: Ricky Starks

An irate Starks attacks Darby on the outside before introducing a body bag. Cage dumps out thumb tacks into the bag and zips Darby in it. Cage powerbombs him out onto the stage and eliminates him.


Sydal attacks Spears and almost takes him out but the two fight on the apron. A stomp on the apron eliminates Spears. Hobbs hits a hard spinebuster onto Sydal.

ELIMINATED: Shawn Spears

Archer downs Hobbs before he trades shots with Cage. Hard kicks by one another, Cage flips out of a chokeslam. Hobbs is on the apron. Cage joins him and Archer boots him them out!

ELIMINATED: Brian Cage & Will Hobbs

Down to Archer Butcher Sydal and Kingston. Sydal dumps Butcher. Archer hits a blackout on Sydal. Eddie plows Sydal out on the apron.

ELIMINATED: The Butcher & Matt Sydal

Jake introduces his bagged snake to Kingston and it freaks him a little. THis allows The Butcher and Blade to try to even it all but the power of Archer prevails and Eddie gets tossed by The Murderhawk.

ELIMINATED: Eddie Kingston

WINNER & Recipient of AEW World Title Shot: Lance Archer


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