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Latest Update On AEW’s Fight Forever Video Game

The latest gameplay reveal of AEW Fight Forever is finally here.

Wednesday’s stream on All Elite Arcade saw All Elite Wrestling stars Evil Uno, Adam Cole, Aubrey Edwards, and Kris Statlander revealed brand new footage on the upcoming console game, AEW Fight Forever.

Today’s footage gave us our first look at Kris Statlander and Nyla Rose‘s character models and some gameplay footage of a match between them. We also got our first look at Aubrey Edwards’ character model during the gameplay, as well as improved visuals from the last time we saw the game back in September.

Statlander, who’s admittingly not really a gamer, still thought her character reveal was pretty cool, as she believes she’ll look back on this a few years from now and realize how wild this all is.

“I mean, it’s pretty cool, actually,” Kris Statlander said. “It’s so many things in wrestling like I don’t understand the gravity of how amazing and important it is because I didn’t know anything about wrestling ever. Even now. So I feel like I have a hard time really appreciating what other people — like it’s their goal to get an action figure or get in a video game, whereas me I just show up, and I’m just here to do my job. And then I’m like, in like a year or two. I’ll be like, Oh my God, that’s wild.”

AEW Fight Forever was also confirmed to be released on PC as well as consoles. This is a huge announcement for the wrestling game modding community that has been butting heads with 2K recently regarding the recent lockdown of modding to WWE 2K22.

What are your thoughts on the latest gameplay reveal of AEW: Fight Forever? Are you happy that the game will be released on PC? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.


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