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Latest WWE News & Rumors (6/24/2020)

WWE RUMORS - 6/24/2020:


Emma - McMahon has reached out to Dashwood about returning after she is done with IMPACT.

The Rock - For a return against Roman Reigns. A match that's been in the making for a few years already.

Shane McMahon - Could make his return possibly in time for SummerSlam.

Paige - She has been rumored to be cleared and may return to WWE soon. However, with the recent accusations on her mom, that may change.

The Undertaker - If he returns, it may be for Survivor Series to start another program for another match at next years Wrestlemania. If he returns at Survivor Series it would make it be Undertakers 30th year wrestling with WWE.

Ryback - Apparently, Vince McMahon believes he could bring back Ryback with a "hefty" contract offer and utilize the Big Guy on SDL. There is another rumor though that Ryback could end up with AEW however.

Lita - Could return soon to WWE and wrestle her last match at next years Wrestlemania.

CM Punk - Rumors are that McMahon has again reached out to CM Punk recently for a return.

Ronda Rousey - Could return to WWE within the next month or two so that WWE can feature her at SummerSlam. With Charlotte out for the foreseeable future, WWE will need the star power of Ronda Rousey.

Dean Ambrose - Vince McMahon has secretly been in contact with Ambrose about a return and has apologized to him for the way he treated him during his last run. If and when Ambrose returns the idea will be to put him back in a re-united SHIELD.


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