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LAX To Be On Impact Wrestling Media Call This Thursday

Photo Credit Impact Wrestling


The reigning Tag Team Champions, Santana and Ortiz, will be the special guests on the weekly IMPACT Wrestling Media Teleconference on Thursday, August 2, starting at 2pm ET.

LAX certainly will have lots to say, starting with the OGz and the whereabouts of the championship belts. The LAX-OGz feud has been very, very personal – and was very, very painful for everyone involved in their Slammiversary match.

Just as important, Santana and Ortiz will address the breaking news that the Dream Tag Team Match has been confirmed for the upcoming Jericho Cruise in October: LAX will tangle with The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson.

Santana and Ortiz, under the leadership of Konnan, have blossomed into one of the best tag teams of all time, multi-time champions and title-holders for more than 425 days.

Next up for IMPACT Wrestling will be two nights of TV Tapings, August 12-13, at the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto.

Plan your questions now for this special interview opportunity with Santana and Ortiz.

TOPICS TO DISCUSS: IMPACT Tag Team Championship scene Sizing up the IMPACT roster Hernandez and Homicide The Young Bucks Konnan vs. King Street justice Bound For Glory in New York on Oct. 14 Sports, movies and music Ortiz’ wild hair Wrestling superstitions

Be on the lookout for the official audio for this week's Impact Wrestling Media Call.

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