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Live IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary Results (2021)

IMPACT Slammiversary takes place this evening as Kenny Omega defends the IMPACT World Championship in a No Disqualification Match and Deonna Purrazzo puts her Knockouts Title on the line against a mystery opponent.


July 17, 2021, Nashville, TN

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

On the Slammiversary Countdown, Havok and Rosemary defeated Fire N Flava to become the new IMPACT Knockout Tag Team Champions.

X-Division Championship

Ultimate X Match

Trey Miguel vs. Ace Austin vs. Petey Williams vs. Rohit Raju vs. Chris Bey vs. Josh Alexander (c)

Both Shera and Madman Fulton are banned from ringside. Bey immediately goes for the belt, but is swiftly pulled own.Ace tosses Petey on the outside, but in the ring Alexander hits a major release German suplex. Rohit jumps for the belt but no dice and Alexander handles him. Bey has a flurry of offense but then there’s a series of outside dives and attacks tot the outside. Miguel nails an outside DDT and Rohit pulls down Ace from up top, but it allows Ace to hit a moonsault on everybody. Rohit reveals his card up sleeve by pulling out a hook that he flings over the cables, he begins to climb like gym class, but it’s Petey who thwarts such.

Bey soon goes for the belt, but Rohit takes out Petey and then spears Bey down. Rohit reveals yet another card by pulling up a long metal hook to try and pull the belt down. This gets him some “Rohit” chants. He sets up a chair to help himself, but Trey comes leaping off with a shotgun dropkick.

Williams pulls Alexander down later on and cinches a sharpshooter on Trey. Rohit joins in with a crossface that causes Trey to fruitlessly tap. Alexander crawls on the cable, catches Bey with an ankle lock from above, who catches Ace in on the sleeper, who also catches Williams on a headlock. Everyone is in a submission. Rohit rolls free and tosses a chair at Alexander.

Later on, Williams nails a couple Canadian Destroyers and then begins his ascent. Alexander hoists Bey on his shoulders to thwart the efforts, but Petey flips down to nail a super Canadian Destroyer on Bey! Josh and Petey duke it out. Alexander hits a C4 Explosion on him. He and Trey battle it out until Rohit gets involved. Rohit kicks Alexander down who has Trey in an electric chair, and leaps up to hit him with a flatliner. Rohit swiftly climbs but Trey catches him and kicks him silly.

Soon it’s a race across the cables between Bey and Alexander. They fight over it and Ace comes out of nowhere to try and catch it but he misses. Josh ends up being the one to pull it down to retain!

WINNER and STILL X-Division Champion: Josh Alexander

Gia Miller is with Don Callis. He talks about Tommy Dreamer and his power increasing. His bladed fingers are all over this No DQ stipulation tonight. He said if it wasn’t for IMPACT Wrestling, he’d be in a max security prison. He doesn’t want to see a beautiful face like Kenny Omega’s scarred by Sami Callihan. He makes up fake moments that Kenny he has been for in support of Kenny (like being drafted by the NHL). Callis says Callihan may be a dangerous man, but Kenny is a god.

Brian Myers & Tenille Dashwood (with Sam Beale & Kaleb with a K) vs. Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green

Sure enough, Matt’s partner is Chelsea Green. “Welcome back” chants. Tenille slaps Chelsea who fires back and order gets restored which has Matt and Brian starting it off officially. Matt attacks Beale and Kaleb on the outside which allow Brian to seize the moment with a flatliner on the entryway. Kaleb and Beale attack Matt and it gives all the baddies to pose for a group selfie as Chelsea paces on her side.

Matt later makes a tag attempt, but Tenille pulls Chelsea off the apron. Myers sizes up for a spear, but it’s Matt who hits him with one. Both men crawl to their corners and Chelsea Green goes on fire against Tenille. She covers, but Myers makes the save. She slaps Myers, but Tenille guillotines her over the ropes. Tenille goes to cheap shot Cardona once more like on Thursday, but this time, Cardona has a cup. He puts it over Myer’s mouth and Chelsea low blows Tenille with her cast to hit an Unprettier for a 1-2-3.

WINNER: Chelsea Green

Eddie Edwards vs. W. Morrissey

The two men shove one another back and forth. They trade shots and W. hits an S.O.S. slam. He chokes Eddie over the second rope. He tries to fling Eddie in the corner, but Eddie fights him off. He gets up top, but W. boots him to the outside. Eddie favors his knee. Both men fight it out on the outside and Eddie gets the advantage when he catches W.’s boot and slams it against the post.

Morrissey ultimately maintains control and delivers a set of heart blows while he traps Eddie in the ropes.

Out of desperation, Eddie suplexes Morrissey. nife edge chops by Eddie and he soon topes towards W., but he catches Eddie and chokeslams him harshly on the apron. Morrissey goes in to break the count and drags Eddie up on the stage. He goes to powerbomb Eddie, but Eddie turns it into a back body drop. Eddie nails him with a Boston Knee Party. Eddie answers the ten count and so does W. Morrissey catches him and hits a standing F5.

Later on Eddie fights back with a top rope sunset flip powerbomb. He kicks W. and then hits a blue thunder bomb for a very near fall. “That was three” chants. Eddie goes for a Boston Knee Party but W. puts the ref in front of him. He then hits Eddie with a running boot to the heart. Two count. Eddie soon nails W. with a BKP, but that sends Morrissey to the outside. He removes a chain from his boot and slugs Eddie with it, which the ref doesn’t see. A standing powerbomb ends it.

WINNER: W. Morrissey

Moose talks about the “mistakes” Chris Sabin has made.

A teaser trailer is shown for the “Drama King” which has a canvas with paint crossing that designation out.

Gia Miller is ringside interviewing the Slammiversary super fan winner when Shera and Madman Fulton come out upset about being banned in the opener. They begin to argue in the ring, but out comes Scott D’Amore. He’s got a surprise for them: Fin Juice.

Shera & Madman Fulton vs. Fin Juice

Juice Robinson Road Dogg jabs at Shera, but the big man levels him harshly. Madman gets some control against him, but the NJPW imports hit a double plancha. A quick double team finishes Madman off.

WINNERS: Fin Juice

Chris Sabin vs. Moose

Sabin evades Moose briefly with some major attacks, including a missed dropkick in the corner. Leg whip by Sabin. Straight right hand to Sabin up top, but it’s Sabin who nails Moose with a leaping hurricanrana. Another dragon whip by Sabin which leads to a figure four. Sabin gets a two count with Moose’s shoulders on the mat. Moose shoves Chris in the corner after the hold breaks, There’s a very harsh snake eyes in the second turnbuckle by Moose. He corners Chris before bealing him across the ring. Moose harshly chops Chris on the apron and the heartless crowd asks for “one more time.” Moose heelishly does not obligue and flips the crowd the bird. Chris fires back, but Moose maintains control, sending him back in the ring. Chin lock by Moose. Sabin bites Moose, but Moose powers him up for a fallaway slam. He kips up, goes for a moonsault, but Sabin rolls out of the way.

Sabin gets back on the offense by punt kicking Moose from the apron and then leaping on top of him to the outside. He sends Moose back in the ring and leaps off top for a tornado DDT. Two count. Sabin climbs up top, but Moose scampers up for a fallaway moonsault from up top! Sabin wisely rolls out of the ring. Sabin attacks Moose on the outside, but Moose catches him, powerbombs him on the apron, but holds on to him to fling him at the barricades repeatedly. Sabin just barely answers the count at nine.

Sabin catches Moose for a school boy, a sunset flip and a electric chair roll-up. The third is good enough for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Chris Sabin

Backstage Decay are celebrating their Knockouts Tag Titles win. Rosemary says that it’s fitting that they shed blood during this match, because family is blood. Crazzy Steve concurs as they all laugh manically.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championships

Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. Fallah Bahh & No Way Jose vs. Good Brothers vs. Violent By Design (c) (Joe Doering & Rhino)

Pre-match, Bahh comes out with a mic in hand. IMPACT asked him to find a replacement for TJP. He said “No, No, No – No Way Jose!” NWJ comes out with full conga line. Jose and Swann start it off with some comedy work until Anderson gets tagged in. Bahh and he do a double team that has Jose splashing Bahh in the corner. Front chancery has Jose tagging in Willie Mack and he and Swann do a double splash on Karl for a two count.

Doc Gallows gets the tag and attacks Swann in the corner. Big thrust kick to Swann gets a two count. Karl gets tagged back in and keeps the offense on Rich for a chorus of boos from the crowd. This goes on for a while. Big fallaway slam by Doc to Swann.

Swann soon makes the hot tag to Jose and he takes it to all the adversaries. Hip toss neckbreaker to Karl. He downs him for a two count soon after. Karl does catch Jose with a spinebuster, but Joe Doering saves him. He drags Karl over and tags himself in. In enters Gallows. They exchange shots and boots before a double choke goes down. Everyone breaks it up and the remaining men brawl it out. Swann goes at it with Bahh who catches him with a Samoan drop. Mack nails Bahh with a Samoan, and soon Doering delivers some big stuff to No Way, including a short-arm lariat and DVD. The sve is made. Rhino gets the tag and readies for the Gore. Some miscommunication leads The GBs to hit the Magic Killer on Rhino for the win.

WINNERS and NEW IMPACT Tag Team Champions: The Good Brothers

IMPACT Knockouts Championship

Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa comes out to a major reaction.. The bout starts off with some high quaality mat work and it’s Deonna who gets the first pin attempt. The two talk trash to one another and Rosa rolls her up for a near fall. A thrust kick on the ropes gets her a near fall. Purrazzo nails an Orton DDT on the ropes and then locks in a half Octopus hold on Rosa. She breaks it up by charging backwards into the corner. Rosa fires back with a shotgun dropkick from up top. Rosa fires her self up to her feet and nails several lariats. Leaping lariat in the corner. She hits a big time corner dropkick. Solid underhook suplex on Deonna for a two count. Deonna soon hits her Italian leg sweep and locks in her Fujiwa armbar. Rosa battles back and locks in the guillotine choke. She gets reversed back into the Fujiwa, but Rosa rolls free. Wrist suplex by Deonna for two. Another Fujiwa attampe but Rosa lifts her up for a DVD. Cover, but only a two count for Thunder.

Not long after, Rosa hits a Coup de grace from the top to the back of Purrazzo. Two count. The two women fight one another to their feet. Jumping pump kick by Deonna and Rosa fires backs with a buzzsaw kick. Rosa goes for her Thunder Driver, but Deonna rolls her up for a near fall. Deonna hits her Queen’s Gambit for the finish.

WINNER and STILL IMPACT Knockouts’s Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

Post-match, out comes Mickie James to a big reaction. Deonna takes exception for her trying to steal her moment. Mickie says that she has mad respect for you. SHe personally wants to invite Deonna to come to Empowerrr. Everyone wants to invite Deonna on their show. Deonna tells her to grab her trash bag and get the hell out of here. Mickie makes her pay for such comments and takes her out which sends Purrazzo bailing.

Bound For Glory is going to be in Las Vegas and it shows the logos for IMPACT, AEW, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and AAA Lucha Libre.


No Disqualification Match

IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship

Sami Callihan vs. Kenny Omega (c)

David Penzer makes the official introductions…well, until Callis hijacks the mic and introduces Kenny. Sami has had enough and piledrives Kenny: 1-2-nope. Callis joins on commentary. Sami has a chinlock on Kenny while he’s seating in the chair. He pulls out a fork. Kenny fights free and slugs at Sami. He goes for a sunset flip and Sami pulls out a pizza cutter. He bloodies Kenny up badly. Kenny delivers some right hands to Sami. Callihan catches him with a DVD and Kenny goes for a powder. Kenny starts throwing in weapons. He hits Sami with a variety of said tools as Callihan flips him two birds. Kenny downs him and puts a trash can in the corner over the post. Kenny flips Sami down and then leaps up for a trash can moonsault that lands on Sami’s ankle. Two count. Kenny wedges a chair in the corner. He goes for a OWA, but Sami rolls him up for a pin attempt. That fires back on him as Kenny vaults him into the chair. Callis leaves commentary to talk trash to Callihan. Sami is bleeding. Kenny pulls the fork out that is planted in the corner and he drives it into Sami’s forehead. He’s then fish-hooked with it by Kenny. He presents the bloody fork to the camera.

The two men battle it out on the floor. He goes to chop Kenny on the post, but Sami misses and belly-to-backs Callihan on the apron. Kenny presents a table and places it on Sami. He leaps off the apron and stomps the table on him. Another table is presented as Sami lays on the entryway. He sets up the table and puts Sai on the apron. He aims to snap dragon Sami through it, but Sami bites Omega’s hand. The two duke it out. Kenny pokes him in the eye and tries to piledrive Sai who grabs Kenny’s crotch. He piledrives Kenny through the table. “Holy shit” chants.

Kenny is back in the ring as Sami pulls out a board with steel siding on it and another trash can. He pounds Kenny’s head on the bottom of the trash can. Kenny fires back and returns the favor. Sai catches him with a sidewalk slam onto the right-up trash can. He powerbombs Kenny through the board for a near fall. Sami has a barbed wire chair now. Kenny slips out of a Razor’s Edge for a v-trigger and gets slammed on the chair. He powerbombs him on the chair and hits a V-Trigger. He covers, but Sami grabs hold of the ropes. Kenny puts the broken board on top of the trash can and chair for a superplex. Sami kicks out at two. “Death Machine” chants. Kenny goes for a OWA, but Sami slips free for a bomb attempt. Omega slips free but finds himself up top for a tombstone onto the barbed wire chair. Sami covers for a two count.

“This is awesome” chants. Sami fires himself up as Kenny looks on from the apron. Salt to the eyes of Sami. Blinded, Sai piledrives Brian Hebner accidentally. Kenny nails him with a belt. Omega hits a spike piledriver. He covers and has the visual three count. A new ref comes in, but Sami kicks out. Kenny slugs the ref. The Good Brothers come in to interfere but Sabin and Edwards stop them. Sami hits his package piledriver, but Omega just kicks out.

Sami enters the ring and dumps out thumbtacks. Callis is irate and leaves commentary once more. He distracts Sami and Kenny throws thumbtacks to the eyes and hits a V-Trigger. Kenny grinds his own knee pad into the tacks and then V-Triggers Sami once more. Two count. He feeds Callihan the tacks and hits a V-Trigger. OWA onto the tacks and it’s over.

WINNER and STILL IMPACT World Champion: Kenny Omega

Post-match, Kenny celebrates with The GBs and Callis. They “2 Sweet” as the lights go out and out comes Jay White! “Switchblade” chants. He enters the ring as they all throw up the 2 Sweet. As Jay stands there, a series of wrestlers run out but suddenly the feed cuts indicating the end of the show, but this was clearly a gaffe by IMPACT. The PPV literally ended before the angle fully went down.

UPDATE: Fin Juice were the two wrestlers to run down and that Jay White hit his finish on Juice Robinson before leaving the ring.


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