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Low Ki And Ricky Martinez Clash This Saturday

For the first time in a year Low Ki walks alone but what happens when the bell rings and he stares down Promociones Dorado's sicario? The world will find out this Saturday when Low Ki has his first shot at payback for Salina de la Renta's shocking betrayal. Major League Wrestling today announced Low Ki vs. Ricky Martinez (presented by Salina de la Renta) for MLW: Fury Road 2019 at the Waukesha County Expo Center on Saturday night June 1.

Tickets start at just $10 at

The rocky relationship between former World Champion Low Ki and Salina de la Renta's Promociones Dorado took a shocking turn on MLW FUSION (watch) this past week.  

Following a routine tag match featuring Low Ki and Martinez, CONTRA Unit swarmed the ring. As Low Ki readied for war, Salina pulled Ricky Martinez out of the ring, unbeknownst to the ex champ.  Leaving Low Ki to fight 3 men, Low Ki valiantly battled the trio of outsiders only to ultimately succumb to CONTRA in a brutal beating.

This act of betrayal has solidified Low Ki's departure from Salina's Latin American collective known as Promociones Dorado. Tension between the Puerto Rican powerbroker and ex champ had been an increasingly regular occurrence behind the scenes.  

Low Ki, frustrated by Salina's lack of focus on his fights only further complicated talks between the parties for a new contract for Promociones Dorado to represent the ex champ.  

With Salina de la Renta severing ties, Low Ki now finds himself a lone wolf out for payback against his former manager/promoter as well as the man who left him to fend for himself in Martinez. 

Will Low Ki settle the score with Promociones Dorado this Saturday night in Waukesha or will "El Sicario" take out his biggest target ever?


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