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Low Ki Discusses His Status With Impact Wrestling

Low Ki has wrestled all over the world and for numerous promotions, but it's clear he has an affinity to Impact Wrestling. He's had four different stints with the company and is back again and will compete at United We Stand next month.

The veteran wrestler was a part of the Impact media call last Thursday where he was asked if he would ever entertain a producer position with Impact.

"At that capacity, not at the moment although it's something that seems reasonable to be explored," revealed Low Ki. "I have the most experience in the company and I can come from a perspective of success and not just speculation. I could definitely convey stuff that would help them if that was something of interest."

Outside of Impact, Low Ki has been competing with MLW where he is a former heavyweight champion.

"I've been focused on MLW for the past year and I've succeeded rather well in maintaining that focus," said Low Ki.

With Impact, Low Ki will be taking on LAX who is managed by Konnan. Low Ki and Konnan have a long history and most recently ran into each other in Konnan's hometown of Miami.

"He had a point proven to him in Miami and now he's got my people, people from New York, people from my background," Low Ki said of LAX's Ortiz and Santana. "He's gotten in their heads thinking that they're big fish in a small pound and now they want to call out a shark."

Low Ki thinks that Konnan is exploiting Ortiz and Santana and he compared Konnan to the mafia who used to launder their money through wrestling promoters.

"He has associated himself with every generation's stars," Ortiz said of Konnan. "This is the same method that all of the hustling promoters have pulled on wrestlers for years….Now Santana and Ortiz, we were once standing side-by-side and now you wanna stand across from me? You wanna say respect "may" be there? Do you realize what you're talking about? Do you realize who you're speaking to?"

If that wasn't clear enough, Low Ki then made it official by accepting LAX's challenge.

"Yes, at United We Stand, we will be standing across from LAX," Low Ki said of he and partner Ricky Martinez.

With so many stints with Impact Wrestling, Low Ki was asked to describe his status with the promotion.

"You have to take everything one step at a time and I've always done that," stated Low Ki. "I guess that's the reason why I've been allowed to return several times because everything is a step-by-step process...

"I've always approached everything on a one-step-at-a-time basis. This is another one-step-at-a-time basis just as it was in 2017, just as it was in 2014 and before that. I don't go in with any expectations other than the expectations out of myself which is I'm showing up, I'm getting busy and I'm going home."

Low Ki will team with Ricky Martinez to take on LAX, with Konnan, at Impact Wrestling's United We Stand on April 4th. It will be streamed live via Twitch.


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