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Match Result: Sami Callihan vs Tessa Blanchard For The Impact World Championship (Contains Spoiler)

Callihan pump kicks Blanchard before the bell rings. Callihan hits the Cactus Special for a near fall. Callihan sits Blanchard on the top rope. Blanchard pushes Callihan off the top and hit Magnum. Callihan kicks out. Callihan and Blanchard trade strikes. Blanchard lands a series of dives. Callihan catches Blanchard on the last dive but Blanchard counters into a ranna. Somersault senton off the top by Blanchard. Callihan hits Blanchard with a beer. Callihan drives Blanchard knees-first into the barricade. Callihan works over Blanchard’s injured legs. Blanchard tries to fire up but Callihan levels her with a right hand. Blanchard can’t stand. Callihan tosses Blanchard out of the ring. Blanchard escapes Callihan’s powerbomb attempt. Blanchard attempts a dive off the apron but Callihan catches her in midair. Callihan powerbombs Blanchard through a table.

Blanchard is almost counted out. Blanchard hits Magnum on the apron. Callihan and Blanchard trade strikes. Blanchard surprises Callihan with a Samoan drop. Blanchard lands the rope hang version of Magnum. Callihan kicks out. Blanchard misses another Magnum. Callihan hits the get out of here. Blanchard kicks out. Blanchard hits a cutter for a near fall. Sitout powerbomb by Callihan. Blanchard kicks out but Callihan transitions into a stretch muffler. Callihan floats over into a single leg crab. Blanchard almost makes it to the ropes. Callihan puts Blanchard in the STF. Blanchard gets to the ropes. Callihan brings the title into the ring. The referee takes the title but Callihan pulls out brass knuckles. While the referee is distracted, Blanchard kicks Callihan in the nuts and hits Magnum. Callihan kicks out. Callihan piledrives Blanchard. Blanchard kicks out again. Callihan spits on Blanchard and gives her the finger. Blanchard lands two Canadian Destroyers followed by the Buzzsaw DDT for the win.

Winner and NEW IMPACT Champion, Tessa Blanchard!


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