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Matt Cardona Makes IMPACT Wrestling Debut

Matt Cardona made his IMPACT Wrestling in-ring debut against Ace Austin.

Ace Austin came out to the ring along with Madman Fulton and began to demand to be inserted into the X-Division Championship match against Manik, Chris Bey & Rohit Raju. After being denied by IMPACT Wrestling VP Scott D'Amore. Out came the debuting Matt Cardona.

Matt Cardona vs Ace Austin

Matt Cardona looked great early on with a neckbreaker and a sliding kick on Austin, but was caught on the floor and nailed. Austin nailed a series of kicks to the chest and back in the corner. He went for a splash in the corner but Cardona nailed a leaping knee. Austin drilled him and came off the top with a crusher. Nice intensity to this so far.

Austin missed a twisting splash into the ring. Cardona nailed a flapjack and hit a running clothesline in the corner. He nailed the Reboot in the corner but Madman Fulton attacked him.

Your winner by DQ, Matt Cardona!

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