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Matt Cardona Wins 6th Championship Title In His Historic Indy Wrestling Run

Matt Cardona is the new belt collector.

On February 26, Cardona, the man once known as “The Long Island Loudmouth” returned home by competing for the New York Wrestling Connection for the first time since 2006. At the promotion’s “Psycho Circus” event, he answered Michael Mistretta’s open challenge and defeated him to win the NYWC Championship.

Cardona commented on the win in a post on Instagram; he noted that he started training at NYWC in 2003, but back then, he didn’t want to win the championship because he wanted to get signed elsewhere. But now that he’s made it big, he came back and won the gold on Saturday.

The post is as follows:

I started training at @nywcwrestling in 2003. I never wanted to be NYWC Champion. I didn’t want to be there long enough for that to happen. I wanted to get signed…I wanted to become a wrestling superstar….and I did.

I hadn’t been in a NYWC ring since 2006. Last night I returned at Psycho Circus. I tried doing something nice for the NYWC Universe. I tried giving @nobodysbetta the rub by accepting his open challenge. But I wasn’t welcomed back with open arms. Guys in the locker room like @dickierodz2000, @thedanbarry, @greekgodpapadon, & @kingmega_ygb wouldn’t even shake my hand. @uhohitsthebigo legit left the building. The crowd BOOED when I won the NYWC Championship.

I don’t know if you’ll ever see me in a NYWC ring ever again after that blatant disrespect.

P.S. I now have 6 f—— titles!

“The Deathmatch King” then shared a picture on Twitter, in which his six championships are fully visible, and noted that all the gold is making his bag “too damn heavy.”

Cardona currently holds the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, the IMPACT Digital Media World Championship, both the AIW Absolute and Intense Championships, and the Internet Championship. He’ll defend the Ten Pounds of Gold at NWA Crockett Cup, where he’ll put the title on the line against Nick Aldis.

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