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Matt & Nick Jackson On The Origins Of Their Tag Team Name

The AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks recently appeared on Talk Is Jericho, where they looked back on their successful careers. During the interview, Matt and Nick Jackson revealed that Matt kicked Nick’s teeth out with a superkick when they were kids. They also discussed their initial reaction to being named The Young Bucks. Here are some highlights:

On Matt kicking Nick’s teeth out with a superkick:

Nick: “I was 11, you were 15, we were in Las Vegas, and he superkicked my front teeth out, with a super kick of course, our favorite move later on.”

Matt: “We had a game where we would surprise each other by super kicking each other when we least expect it, and we had to sell the move. You know what I mean, like Nick would turn a corner, I’m like, ‘Hey, Nick, surprise.’ Superkick, boom.”

Nick: “So I was brushing my hair one day, I think we were in Las Vegas. I turn around, he goes, ‘Surprise.’ I have the brush right in front of mouth, superkicks me right in the teeth. I look, I go, ‘Oh my God, Matt, my front teeth are out.'”

Matt: “He looks at me, and he has that Mick Foley smile, and I started panicking. I’m like, holy crap.”

On their debut as The Young Bucks:

Matt: “I look on [the card] and it’s Joey [Gas] and his partner at the time…versus Matt and Nick, The Young Bucks. And I go, ‘Why are you calling us Matt and Nick, The Young Bucks? And he’s like, ‘Dude, I’m gonna be really honest with you. I couldn’t remember your guys’ names, so when we kept going back to the match and we’re talking about it, we kept referring to you guys as Matt and Nick, those young bucks. So that’s just gonna be your name today, okay?’ And our hearts just sunk.. We were like, ‘That’s great,’ and as soon as he walked away, we were like in panic mode. We can’t be the young bucks, that is the worst thing ever.”

The full episode is available here:

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