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Maybe The IMPACT Zone Wasn't As Bad As We Previously Thought...

With what's going around in the world today with the COVID-19 pandemic there are a few live entertainment shows broadcasting every week. We have the WWE currently doing their shows from the performance center in Orlando, Florida. AEW Dynamite goes live every Wednesday from Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida. Now, this leaves Impact Wrestling in a bizarre situation. They no longer produce their show from the Impact Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. They no longer have a home base to produce shows if needed. Fortunately, they still tape their shows in advance. What happens if this COVID-19 pandemic lasts longer than we anticipate?

Will Impact Wrestling have to rely on their videotape library and just broadcast their past shows/specials on AXS TV? What will this do to their on-going storylines? Obviously, there are more questions than answers but maybe having access to the IMPACT Zone would have been great for them to produce new episodes. Although there have been wrestlers who have voiced their concerns about COVID-19. One such talent is IMPACT's own Sami Callihan. Sami went on to twitter to voice his opinion about not wanting to wrestle during the COVID-19 outbreak. Maybe it's a good thing that the IMPACT Wrestling roster is taking a break during this time of quarantine. It's a good time to be with your loved ones and family. Impact Wrestling is still paying their roster which is a good sign that IMPACT Wrestling is in a good position financially. One great positive about IMPACT Wrestling being on an Anthem owned network (AXS TV) is that they don't have to worry about their show being in jeopardy over no new episodes. Hopefully, things will end up returning back to normal so we can attend their shows again.

Please be safe out there and limit your contact with people and please wash your hand and disinfect everything.


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