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MexaBlood And Rey Horus Win Gold!

Photo Credit: ROH

Bandido, Flamita and Rey Horus challenged for the six-man tag team championships against Villian Enterprises (Marty Scurll, Flip Gordon and Brody King) in what was arguably the match of the night. After several minutes of some of the best high flying action, we have in recent Ring Of Honor history, The finish of the match had Bandido getting the victory on Marty Scurll for the trio to become the new six-man tag team champions.

Photo Credit: ROH

It was announced this morning that Bandido had signed a new deal with Ring Of Honor and Flamita was announced to have signed with Ring Of Honor recently. Rey Horus in one of his first matches with the company already has the honor of being called champion with the company. It's worth noting how hot the crowd was tonight for ROH as there was a major Lucha presence from Dragon Lee opening up the show to Mexablood and Rey Horus on hand and RUSH main evening tonight. Based on the Lucha fan base response tonight coupled with the ROH fan base presence, perhaps the year looks like a promising one for the promotion.


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