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Michael Elgin Debuts For Impact After Brian Cage Wins World Title

Photo Credit IMPACT Wrestling

The Impact world title match between the champion Johnny Impact and challenger Brian Cage was not the main event but it wasn’t without note.

On the build to the match, Johnny revealed himself as the villain who had the head referee in his pocket and doing everything he could to hold onto the title. Because of that, Lance Storm was assigned as the special guest referee.

Despite Storm’s integrity, he couldn’t prevent the match from becoming overbooked. There were table spots that he opted not to DQ. Johnny’s wife Taya Valkyrie and the crooked referee Johnny Bravo all got involved behind his back. The champ delivered a baseball slide to Lance Storm, knocking him out for a bit.

When Storm came to, he was going to disqualify the champ but Brian Cage stopped him from doing so. Cage delivered his Drill Claw finish to win the championship.

After the match, Michael Elgin debuted for Impact and powerbombed the new champion, seemingly setting up the newest championship feud.


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