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Michael Elgin Discusses Turning Down A NJPW Contract To Join Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling recently signed one of professional wrestling's freshest free agents in Michael Elgin. Elgin made his debut at Impact Rebellion last month by confronting Brian Cage


Elgin’s transition from New Japan Pro Wrestling to Impact was discussed during a recent Impact media call. During the call, Wrestling Inc. asked Elgin about choosing Impact Wrestling over re-signing with NJPW.

"It was more-so of just me wanting to be there and I kind of freed up my obligations because I just spent so much time in Japan and there was an offer there that I decided wasn't right for me," Elgin said of working elsewhere.

"Because I decided that even though it was said otherwise in some media outlets, I felt it was time to move on and focus on my son. And looking at all the other options, like I previously mentioned, that I focus on wrestling and I watch a lot and I try to watch every company out there and stay focused on the talent that's out there, and- just the product as a whole within Impact was what I like about pro wrestling."

Elgin then shed light on the appeal of Impact. Specifically how it resembles pro wrestling when he was growing up including meaningful championships combined with competitive athletic performances.

"It's what my pro wrestling that I grew up on focuses on. Championships mean something," said Elgin. "People are going out there and fighting to be the best wrestler and to gain a championship and it just speaks volumes to me because that's what I like about wrestling. I like the athletic atmosphere. I like the sport atmosphere of it. And I feel Impact has done a great job of presenting that to people," stated Elgin.

Elgin also touched upon Impact's willingness to allow for creative freedom, something he felt was unavailable to him in previous organizations.

"I'm comfortable with a microphone in my hand and I have a lot to say that I look forward to people hearing in the time to come because Impact has given me that ability to do so," said Elgin. "I just haven't been given that ability so far. Any kind of special feature that I may have has always been through what I do in the ring.

"And to me looking at the landscape of everything I felt that that freedom and that ability to showcase what I feel I'm talented at I could do in an Impact ring with an Impact roster. That was kind of the main reason I wanted to go there."

During his debut at Impact Rebellion, Elgin bypassed the entire roster and targeted Brian Cage and his newly coveted Championship Title . After a verbal exchange and sniffing one another out, Elgin and Cage physically engaged resulting in Elgin laying Cage out with a thunderous spinning power bomb.

"I've spent the last few years in Japan and my goal as a wrestler is to be World Champion," Elgin said. "I've won championships everywhere I went. My plan was to come into Impact and make an immediate splash and let it be known to whoever the champion would be when I showed up and everyone paying attention that I don't care who I have to step into that ring with and I don't care who is champion. My goal and only goal is to be World Champion."

It appears lately free agent wrestlers are in higher demand than ever before. Elgin discussed if he expects a slew of other big name pro wrestlers to follow his path and head to Impact.

"I don't know if it would be me that starts that trend - I hope so," Elgin said. "That I could have a little bit of credit with that with all the options that are out there in the wrestling world. But I think the biggest selling point is just what Impact has been doing. I'm a wrestling fan so I try to pay attention to everything. I think that 2019, starting with Homecoming, and then the TV product that they have put forward was a huge factor in me making the decision to come to Impact. They have some of the greatest wrestlers in the world. They have a great TV product that stays true to what pro wrestling should be, I feel. That was just something I admired that the focus was pro wrestling.

"Impact to me has one of, if not thee, strongest rosters in the world. I think if anybody out there is paying attention and really wants to fall in love with what pro wrestling is supposed to be, Impact is the place to be. So, I believe you'll see in influx of people whether they come to Impact or just the desire is there to come to Impact." stated Elgin.

Elgin has been training in wrestling since age fourteen. With decades of work outs and conditioning in his past, he shared a glimpse into the transition from a pro wrestling diet to a bodybuilder diet.

"About a year and a half ago, I changed from a high calorie intake with high carbs and power lifting mixed with a little bit of bodybuilding to more focused on a bodybuilding regiment with a Kito diet and I think it really transformed my body and I found a good place with my diet and my training that's left me at a higher level and be at a better body frame and a better wind capacity to compete at the level I want to compete at.

Michael Elgin can be seen every Friday night on Impact Wrestling which air at 10 pm ET and can be watched via Pursuit and Twitch.


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