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Mickie James Crowned New Knockouts Champion At Hard To Kill

In a match being described as Title vs. Career. These two women square off.


Jordynne Grace vs. Mickie James

Jordynne applies a waistlock but Mickie counters into a wristlock. Mickie goes for a rollup but Jordynne just stands there and walks away. Jordynne talks trash as Mickie goes for a waistlock, but Jordynne just twists and throws Mickie on the mat. Jordynne and Mickie trade chops before Mickie connects with some kicks and a Thesz press. Grace regains control and smashes Mickie’s head into the turnbuckles and goes for a corner knee smash. Mickie floats over and they head up top, and Mickie ends up hitting a bulldog. Mickie tries to keep Jordynne down but she is unsuccessful, so she heads up to the ropes and tackles her onto the entrance ramp. Mickie goes for a DDT but Jordynne stands her ground, so Mickie applies a guillotine choke. Jordynne sends her into the corner and hits a superplex, but she doesn’t release the hold and follows with a Jackhammer for two.

Jordynne charges the corner but Mickie takes her down with an armdrag and a flapjack. Mickie heads up top and hits a seated senton for two, then she charges the corner but Jordynne counters with a spinebuster for another near fall. Jordynne hits a double underhook powerbomb for two, then she pulls Mickie to her feet and clubs her in the chest. Jordynne winds up and clotheslines Mickie in the back of the head, then she goes for a piledriver but Mickie counters with a headscissors that plants Jordynne on her head. Mickie kicks Jordynne in the chest a few times and connects with a Mick Kick, then Jordynne shakes it off and goes for a Muscle Buster. Mickie counters and we get a few pin attempt reversals from each woman, then Mickie goes for a DDT. Jordynne spins and stuns Mickie with a back fist, but Mickie comes back and hits a DDT, looking stunned that Jordynne kicked out once again.

Mickie goes for a rollup, but Jordynne hooks her in a rear choke. Mickie throws her legs back and gets a near fall, but Jordynne goes right back to a grapevine sleeperhold. Mickie reaches for the ropes and can’t make it, but she finds life after the ref raises her arm to check on her. Jordynne stops the momentum by slamming her into the turnbuckle pad, then backs up for a corner tackle. Mickie sidesteps her and sends her shoulder first into the ring post, then hits a tornado DDT for the win.

Winner and NEW IMPACT Knockouts Champion – Mickie James


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