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Miro Returns To AEW Dynamite (06/01/2022)

Miro made his long-awaited return to the world of All Elite Wrestling on Wednesday, taking down Johnny Elite in a stellar return for the superstar.

After a promo that showed Miro was more than ready for his return, the superstar stepped into the ring and quickly made short work of Elite. While Elite tried his best to fight back, Miro dropped him down to the mat over and over, before hitting a massive superkick on Elite and forcing him to tap out with the Game Over.

In a pre-match promo, Miro says it’s been a long time, as he’s been thinking, waiting, and healing. He says he will return to AEW to help his fellow men, the bastards, the punks, the cowboys, and the pagans, and he will redeem them. He says he will fight his way to heaven, and his heart is broken; now, he wants to take over the kingdom of heaven.

Miro and Elite feel each other out, and the powerhouse trucks over him with a lariat. He drills Elite with stiff strikes and overwhelms him. Elite tries to fight back, but Miro slams him to the mat. “The Redeemer” suplexes Elite and blasts him with a headbutt. He slams Elite to the mat again. Elite rallies with a roundhouse kick and a flurry of offense. Miro fires back with a thunderous superkick and makes Elite tap out to the Game Over.

Winner: Miro


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