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MJF Asks For Tony Khan To Fire Him

“The Salt of the Earth” comes to the ring and says he’s in a lot of pain after he lost to Wardlow at AEW Double or Nothing. He says he’ll talk, but this is Max Friedman talking. He points out that the Warner Brothers Discovery executives are here, so he wouldn’t want to embarrass his boss. MJF says Khan has been trying to hash things out with him for a while, but it’s too little, too late. He says when this company started, it was All Friends Wrestling, so he had to write his own ticket. But he has great penmanship, so he made his own moments. MJF says no one is on his level, everything he touches turns to gold, and he hits grand slams on a weekly basis. He says everyone else can be great, but he has to be perfect because he’s the only one who can carry this company, and he has. He says he hears boos and clapping; he wonders where those fans were when they were calling him unprofessional.

MJF says everyone in the back wants his spot, and they can have it. He says he doesn’t want to be here anymore. He calls the fans uneducated fans and says they don’t know “s—.” He tells them their opinions suck and they change at the drop of a time. He says fans have argued that he sucks at wrestling because he’s not like their favorites. MJF screams that he’s the best, and he’s the only one who makes them feel, and he doesn’t have to do a bunch of bulls— to get them there. He says he’s a generational talent and says the fans and Tony Khan take him for granted. MJF says he’s the second-biggest minute-for-minute draw in this company. He accuses Khan of not paying him, a guy who’s been here since day one, and paying ex-WWE guys who can’t lace up his boots. He wonders if Khan would treat him better if he was an ex-WWE guy. MJF says the only position Khan should have is behind the guard rail. He says he wants Khan to fire him because he doesn’t want to wait until 2024. He curses Khan out and the show fades to a commercial.


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