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MJF Makes His AEW Return At All Out

MJF is back and he made his plans very clear.

The end of the 2022 AEW All Out pay-per-view marked the on-air return of MJF, who made his first appearance in All Elite Wrestling since June 1.

After CM Punk regained the AEW World Championship from Jon Moxley, the lights went out in the arena. An audio recording of a call from Tony Khan played, revealing the following remarks from the AEW President:

“So I know it’s been a few months now, and your continuous, unexcused extended absence is hurting the company and it’s definitely hurting the fans. And I know that you don’t care about the fans at all, but I do. So if you will show up at All Out, I am willing to swallow a very bitter pill for the sake of the fans. I will put you in the Casino Ladder Match, I won’t force you to sign an extension, and I will pay you [bleeped] dollars. But you have to show up at All Out. This is my final offer, you’re not going to get a better one.”

A video of Punk’s “devil” promo played, then the Joker from the Casino match walked into the frame and took off his mask. MJF declared he was the devil himself, then put on his scarf and walked to the stage. MJF flipped off the crowd, then informed Punk he was coming for the title.


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